Meeting @ CEASARS Pt. 1


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This was a live meeting that happened late spring. The couple were flying into Atlanta and wanted a meet. I’d been chatting with the hubby plenty of times over the past month. He enjoys checking out my blog for anything recent and still does till today, both the one on Blogger and my Tumblr as well. He told me how much his wife, Tascha loves reading my novels, and of how she’s opened up toward wanting to meet me for real.

We did the usual photo exchange before graduating to video-chat on Skype. The wife looked sexy as hell! Hubby told him how much they fantasized about meeting me. Most especially, hubby wanted very much to taste her cum off my cock. I certainly told him he was going to do a lot of that when we meet.

Hubby took care of my flight coming in from New York. The destination was Ceasars hotel in the heart of Atlanta; hubby had already booked the room. All I needed to do was show up, which I did.

I met them in the bar. We had a drink or two before heading upstairs to where the main action was bound to take place. Wife and I went into the bathroom to take a shower while her husband got busy setting up his camera equipment. He’d just bought them new; expensive.

Tascha and I made out in the shower stall before coming out into the bedroom.

The bed was quite big, had thick pillows and everything. Hubby filmed I and the wife kissing by the foot of the bed before falling on it. She buried her face between my legs and sucked on my balls before moving up to my cock. She had those sexy green pair of eyes, the type that sort of smile back at you when she’s blowing you. Her cuck-boi stood beside the bed jerking off. I invited him over to come play. She saved some of my cock for him to suck on. You should have been there to watch them fight over my dick: wife pulled on my cock, while her hubby sucked on my balls and licked the crack of my ass.

I had the wife sit on my face. She’s got a thick pair of ass, the sort you just love to smack every now and then. Hubby got busy enjoying my cock while I rolled my tongue over his wife’s pussy. I sucked and kissed her clit and even fingered her ass. Hubby helped spread her ass cheeks for me while I kept eating her pussy. She wouldn’t quit hollering.