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Making progress with GF (pic)

I've posted on here before about my gf being sexually active with black men before we met and my desire to share her. Before she didn't know my fantasy but now she knows everything.

It oddly started with an issue of Cosmo she got in the mail a few weeks ago. On the cover was an article about swinging. I quickly found the article and read about a couple going to young swingers week in Jamaica. It was pretty interesting but tame in the end, the couple doesn't play with anyone.

A week or so later she brought that issue to the pool so I mentioned to her that I read the article about swingers. She got excited and said that she read it too but also bring disappointed by the ending. It seemed to spark an ease to opening up to each other that would climax later that night.

After dinner and some drinks in the living room we got in bed to watch some Netflix and wind down. The swinger article came up again and it some how led to her opening up about her sexual past and fantasies. Her biggest fetish was actually quite odd to even me.

When she asked what my fetish/fantasies are, I got nervous but finally let it out. I said swinging at first, but then admitted it was more about seeing her have sex with other men. Especially black men. When she smiled and said she thought that was hot and liked it my whole world felt different. To finally let the truth out and for her to be positive about it felt amazing. We talked all night and had some of the hottest sex we could imagine.

She opened up about her sexual history. A lot of it I had already known from her diary and discussed in my previous thread. There was some new info. She didn't make her first few boyfriends she had sex with use condoms. Her 2nd boyfriend (a black guy) had a long but skinny dick and she had a lot of anal sex with him. Even when she talked about the things I knew it still made me more aroused then I've ever been.

I asked if she would be interested in getting into swinging with me she was hesitant to commit though. She said she would love to go to a young swingers resort or a club in a place like Vegas but nothing local. She didn't believe she would want to have sex with another man either. She wants to kiss other men (and girls) in front of me and said she would maybe suck another guys cock in front of me.

So there is still work to do, but I'm making progress, especially with her exposing her body. She enjoys dressing sexier in public and goes out without panties on all the time. Seeing her flash her ginger pussy at a bar makes me explode with lust.

I even told her about this site. She checked it out a little with me, I asked her if I could post a picture and she approved! No face or showing her tattoo was her only rule. Comments about what you guys think of her body could convince her to show more and maybe do more with me so please help! Thanks for reading, and I'd love to chat more about her if anyone has any questions.