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Make my wife your dickhungryslut....please!

Does it sounds like she can be persuaded?

  • She's a submissive slut in making!

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Hi All
We're a white couple, husband fantasizes about his sexy wife becoming a slut for BBC. She knows that he is into IR porn and browses through his collection of pics and movies to see what he has been looking at. She has as read stories he makes up about her being shared around by black guys in night clubs, on dates and anywhere else they want to use her. In his stories the husband always talks about how the guys tie her up and take turns filling her pussy full of cum.
She used to have a black boyfriend when she was a teenager and used to let random guys fuck her without condoms all the time when she went out clubbing. She loves sucking cock and gets extremely wet when she does. Since we have been married she went out one night with some friends and sent home pics of her sitting on a strangers lap that apparently knew she was married and wanted to fuck her.
He thinks she has the potential to become a dick hungry slut!!
At the moment we are busy with children but hopefully in the near future she will be persuaded to let go of her inhibitions and delve into her submissive side.