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    I am bold and liberal mature married male from India.
    We are from Gujarat.
    We are mature decent cpl
    And we have not done threesomes, swap ,or any fun up to now
    i like that kind of life style . But she needs to be motivated for that.
    To tell about her she is bbw fatty, 5feet 3" with big round bulging butts and big spongy thunder thighs. Its my fantasy, better say desire, to let her have fun
    With my friend or other mature decent gentleman.
    I am willing for some decent mature gentleman with a loving heart, you can become our friend, and love her and then seduce her.
    I am seeking for a lover for her.
    she is also bold and liberal.,i do wish to share her and trying to motivate her. for that i need matured male , should be 50+, who can do efforts to seduce her.
    I have a good sex desire. i have a desire to let my wife have fun with other male. I have already told her my desire. As an Indian cultured woman she did not say yes on her lips. Then I wish to get a nice gentleman for her.
    I tried to get males for her, i could not get such male. All males want just fuck in first or second meeting directly without any efforts of friendship, loving and seducing. There may be such type of women, but my wife is not that type of woman, so could not happen.
    Let me tell you, if in the early days, if she have got such males, she would have been fucked. But now due to age and her big body, she lost some interest.
    Now I am willing to have nice mature male. I wish you can motivate my wife and can love and seduce my wife and have fun with her.
    respond and reply by email to
    let us chat in yahoo messenger.
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    It sounds, more to me, like you have just lost interest in having sex with your wife, and you desire having someone else to do it for you. It is not uncommon to lose sexual interest in your spouse, after years of marriage, but its also not good for the marriage. Encouraging romance between your wife and an outside male can't result in anything "good" for you, unless you desire her to leave you.

    In the event that I'm incorrect, and your motives are all sincere, you should be encouraging and helping her lose weight and gain confidence in herself. At her age, and the description you gave, she could probably lose 30-40% of her excess weight simply by following a lower fat, lower carbohydrate diet ... that means getting away from processed sugar foods like candy, pastries, starchy foods, and soft drinks. It would make her live longer (and healthier), avoid diabetes, and probably give both of you new energy & motivation for sex, both with each other and including other men. Just imagine what your wife would look like after losing 30-40 pounds of excess weight. Good luck!
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    Hey dear see my profile and add me if u really in to it in india
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    Like Mac said and make sure you let her know you are still in love with her, if she has traditional values. you can not expect her to understand the dynamic of cuckolding.