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Here's a letter I wrote to a wannabe-cuck hubby recently:

Hi there white boi ken,

I'm writing this mail to you in response to that which you wrote to me last time as to why I want your wife to become my woman. Every word you're about to read in this mail is fraught with in-depth honesty and nothing shorter than that. Though we have spoken a little about this over the phone, this mail, I'd want you to print it out and read it over and over to yourself as well as to your lovely wife when I'm done.

Your wife is a beautiful woman. I know I've said that numerous times already, and I'm going to keep on saying it whether you want me to or not. Even over here in New York City, I showed my friend whom I'm staying with a snapshot of her (no, not any of her naked. Those are for me personally), and he too acknowledged the same thing. No man would see a fine-looking honey woman like that stroll past and not get the courtesy of wanting her. As I've mentioned to you before as well as to her, you're definitely the luckiest man to have her. It would be an honour and a pleasure for me to lie in bed beside her on any given night. The sound of her voice hardly leaves my head even after we're done talking on the phone. I should have her voice as a ringtone in my phone. The pictures of her you've sent to me only add further emphasis to that which I've thought and said already: that she's a gorgeous woman and would make for an excellent bride beside me.

Last year when first I arrived in the U.S., I went to stay with a white couple up in Maine. I noticed there that a lot of white folks looked at us rather surprisingly as if they've hardly ever seen a white woman with a black man before. Made me feel like I was in the 60s' era of America, although I wasn't bothered about it. The woman told me that most white men in Maine presume that only a white woman who's been rejected by her fellow white men would stoop so low to be with a black man. Obviously the opposite is the case, and it presents itself with your wife: She's a gorgeous woman, and her spirit shines through. No one would look at her and think negative. And I wouldn't ever care if they do. I would feel proud walking with her anywhere.

Every black man should be proud to own a white woman like her, likewise every white man out there too would seethe with envy at the sight of me perusing her body even frolicking in public with her. They too would cast an eye at their wives and wonder why isn't it their woman that's doing such. If only they would be there to hear me fucking her. Hear the joyful sounds she would be making when that happens. For them to see the look of love, wonder and ecstasy that would be etched on her face when she's playing with my black cock and telling me of the things she'd want me to do to her … oh yes, that's bound to bring some jealousy anywhere.

From the moment your wife and I started talking, I knew right away she wanted me. Its something kinetic and magical that hasn't departed from the world yet: the strong feeling that two people from opposite worlds can have an indelible touch at each other even when nothing makes it out as such. It wouldn't surprise me to say that she has been thinking about this moment for long: of wanting to be possessed by a Black Master who'd not only take charge of her body, but of her whole essence as a white woman. Even as I write this letter to you, the image of her pussy presses further and further in my mind with clarity. The touch of her breasts in my hand when I'll take my first bite of her nipple will be like when the first Man tastes the first Woman before they departed from the Garden. In this case, your home will become our Garden. Our body merged as one will be a unifying spirit unlike any your mind would comprehend. Even now I know you can't wait for me to get a feel of her, to be there to watch me take her from you as I'm meant to even without you telling me to … and knowing that she won't put up one single protest when that happens. She won't because she too wants that to happen, and can't wait for it to happen.

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