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My wife, Cathy and I accepted an invitation to "couples' party" that an acquaintance of ours was hosting. We were unsure of what we were getting into but thought we'd give it a try. We had talked about experimenting with other couples before and so we decided this would be a starting point. We both agreed that we would leave if we weren't comfortable with what was going on.

The evening started out very casually with people getting to know one another, having a few drinks, and making conversation. Our acquaintance introduced us to several of the other couples and soon we were feeling right at home. Eventually the talk turned to sex and I was amazed that most of the other couples were quite experienced at this sort of thing. When they found out were were first timers, most reassured us and said we would enjoy it.

After an hour or so the main crowd began thinning out and couples began sneaking off to other parts of the house. Our host suggested we join him and his wife downstairs where some others had gathered. To our surprise, most of the people were totally nude and there was a lot of action underway. Men were having their cocks sucked and women were having their pussies eaten. I was amazed to see several of the women engaging in sexual acts among themselves. I waited for my wife to say it was time to leave, but she didn't.

We found a place and sat back. I began kissing Cathy and feeling her up. I was getting in the mood and hoping she was too. To my delight she began responding back to me and soon her hand was on my rock hard cock and she began rubbing it through my pants. I began undressing her and soon had her down to her panties. She undid my belt and fly and began sucking my cock. I guess we felt safe with each other. Soon one of the other women came over and asked Cathy if she could join in. Cathy gave her the nod and soon both women were taking turns sucking my rigid shaft. I was hoping I wouldn't shoot my load before the fun really heated up. Then, as Cathy sucked me, the other woman began kissing her and nippling at her breasts. This was the hottest thing I'd ever seen, another woman making love to my wife!

Cathy began to respond and soon they were kissing and feeling each other up. I was in heaven! I sat back and watched the woman move down and part Cathy's legs and begin licking her pussy. Cathy was clearly loving every minute of it as she continued to play with my cock. Meanwhile the other couples around us were moving into the next phase and a lot of fucking was happening around us!

I leaned down was began kissing my wife passionately as the sexy lady continued to eat Cathy's love tunnel. I was completely turned on but the best was yet to come. The woman who was the source of my wife's pleasure gestured to her husband, a muscular black dude, to come and join in. They took turns licking and sucking Cathy's pussy while I watched. The addition of the man, especially such a stud, added a new dimension to things. Now I wasn't quite so sure what to think, but my wife had no doubts. She repositioned herself and spread her legs drawing the black stallion in. He didn't need any further invitation and before I could come to terms with what was happening, his thick black cock slid deep inside my wife's cunt, causing her to moan in ecstasy! I watched spellbound as they fucked right there in front of me. I knew she was experiencing something totally different. He was much larger and thicker than me and it was obvious by Cathy's reaction that he was reaching places I didn't even know existed. The black stud's wife seeing my reaction, took my hand and said it would be fine and to just let Cathy enjoy herself. "I now my husband is an absolute bull, believe me, but just let her go and experience that black monster." She then began sucking my cock and soon I was taking her from behind. Although I knew my cock was no match for what she was used to, I fucked her like I was a teenager in heat and she reciprocated, slamming her ass back towards me and meeting me, thrust for thrust. As I fucked her however, I couldn't take my eyes off my wife as she continued to be pounded by her ebony lover. The image of his jet black body completely dominating her small white frame was so erotic. Unable to control the sensory overload I was experiencing I soon shot my load into my lover's pussy, gripping her hips and thrusting as deeply as I could as my spent cock finished its work. I pulled out and she rolled over onto her back and pulled me forward. She said she hadn't cum yet and told me to finish her with my tongue. I hesitated but then buried my face into her slick slit and began working her clit with my lips and tongue while my own cock juices ran from her pussy. Soon she was close and she pulled my head in tight between her slick thighs and her body shock with one orgasm after another. I was pleased that I was able to finish her, even if I had to do it with my tongue. I rolled over and lay beside her wondering if Cathy was ready to explode as her black stud pounded her even harder. He had now turned her around was thrusting his big cock into her from behind. I wasn't sure how she could take it but she clearly was loving each and every thrust. She leaned over and took my cock in her mouth as the onslaught continued until finally she came with a loud moan and a scream. His work completed, her lover, with a loud grunt, released his massive load deep inside Cathy's pussy and continued to fuck her with strong, deep strokes until his energy was exhausted and they both lay back spent.

The black stud's wife then pulled her lips close to my ear and in a commanding whisper, ordered me to lick out my wife's pussy. "It was my husband's duty to show her pleasure she's never experienced before. It's your job to clean up after him." I did as I was told.

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