1. mywayintermsofsex

    Traditional Marriage versus Swinging: What would you choose ...

    ...for sex? Given the literal definitions of sex within both a Traditional Marriage and Swinging... If you had to choose one, which would that be? Please, be honest. Traditional Marriage Sex, meaning intercourse, as a means of procreation is a duty. Swinging relationship Sex, any variety...
  2. 20170122_235122.jpg


    bareback milf swinging
  3. GT4U

    NM Couple looking for BBC

    experienced swinging couple that wants to expand the experience to include BBC .. maybe a few BBC's
  4. mp29

    My Wife, For Your Pleasure(First Time Post)

    This Is My Wife For Your Pleasure. We Are Looking For Guys Who Would Like To Use Her. We have shared several times before, but She Has Never Had BBC Before, and Trying to get her one. I have plenty more pictures for those interested. Please leave your thoughts/comments!
  5. It's good to have friends and to share

    It's good to have friends and to share

  6. Wives` And Husbands` (Adult Lifestyle) Roles

    Wives` And Husbands` (Adult Lifestyle) Roles

    A try to explain the roles wives and husbands can take on inside and outside the Adult Lifestyles.
  7. R

    Barbados BBC

    Hi all. Horny mid-twenties guy here from and currently living in Barbados. I'm just testing the waters but would love to meet a sexy slut or couple for some fun. I'm 100% genuine and have experienced this lifestyle before while abroad but would love to try it here in Barbados.
  8. mywayintermsofsex

    Terms: "Swinging Wife", "Hotwife" and "Slutwife"?

    Request For Discussion (RFD): What do the terms swinging wife, hotwife and slutwife stand for? Do they have same, disjoint, or different - but (potentially) overlapping - meanings? What do you think? Could you please give me your definition or explanation of those adult lifestyle roles? And...
  9. CuckoldCouple


    My wife, Cathy and I accepted an invitation to "couples' party" that an acquaintance of ours was hosting. We were unsure of what we were getting into but thought we'd give it a try. We had talked about experimenting with other couples before and so we decided this would be a starting point. We...
  10. Paulus50

    Brazilian couple wants swinging

    Brazilian couple wants swinging with a black couple. Not cuckoldry, just swing. Black bull for the wife. Black goddess for the husband and his wife too. Not male homosexuality. Lesbian acts are welcome.