Kate tells all

After our island adventures I said that I was more comfortable about talking with my sister in law Kate about how she and my wife enjoy BBC. Little did I know. Kate and my wife visited Jamaica many times with their parents and had a Jamaican couple they visited. Ozzie was the husband and I had seen pictures of him. He seemed to be an older man and the wife was quite pretty. Ozzie and Kate were up early one day and Kate said how much they enjoyed visiting them in Jamaica. Ozzie laughed and told her to come by their house at night to see why her parents visited Jamaica. He said look through the bedroom window.
That night Kate asked my wife to go for a walk. The walked to Ozzie's house and Kate told my wife to be quiet and look through the bedroom window. Kate had a funny feeling what was going and wasn't as shocked when they saw Ozzie fucking their mother doggie style with their father and Ozzie's wife sitting calmly watching. My wife was speechless but I guess she kept watching. Kate told that Ozzie knew they were there because he pulled his cock out and pointed it towards the window. Kate said it very thick but she says she couldn't believe how big his balls were. Ozzie's wife told him to stick it back into their mother and finish up. Kate says he stuck it back in and fucked her mom for 10 more minutes before he shot his load. Kate says the vision of his cock pulling out and the cum dripping still gets her hot today. I asked her what my wife said she says my wife never said a word but never stopped watching. Kate says after Ozzie pulled out he walked towards the window and smiled and stroked his cock so they could see it.
Kate says this was the beginning of her and my wife's BBC adventure.