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just checking in before bed....

spent all day with the hubb. I woke him up with a bj and put him to bed with a bj with a whole lot of filthy behavior in between, Now I am up late cleaning and getting some food together for a picnic somewhere tomorrow,

Had a beautiful day today had somewhat of "the talk" with hubby. Told him I just wanted to discuss some recent sexual feelings I have been having and did not act on. Basically I worded it in a way that asked him if he thought having sexual fantasies about strangers was normal. At first he was a little defensive, like he was thinking " what did you do" then I assured him I did absolutely nothing and I was not going to.ever. He told me it is a normal thing to have thoughts, because you really can't control thoughts. anyway we talked for a while, rolled in the sheets and throughout the day pretty much rolled anywhere we could. In other words, I told him I had had some bad thoughts and we talked it out and all is well. Had I broken my vows. I am sure our marriage and both of us would have been broken beyond repair.

Thank you SO much to those who talked sense into me, and to those who could have taken advantage and did not. Life is wonderful and sweet and not to be wasted. Love you all.

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I'm sorry? I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me. I wish I did believe that. I never meant to offend anyone and I know a lot of stuff I post is probaby not right for this site.I fucked up again and I am sorry.
Hahaha! You are hilarious!

I was a bit loathe to make that post, since I intuited you are waaaay too sensitive (what are you, a Pisces?). That's the thing with the medium of text: the words tend to be interpreted one specific way, when in reality they're fairly open to interpretation.

I can see how our responses made you feel like you did something wrong, but it's not that serious. Your original post isn't that serious and our replies aren't that serious; no one else is going to remember this a week from now.

You just want to please people, and that's cool. Maybe just be a little more mindful of keeping your thoughts bunched to one or two threads, for organizational purposes. I apologize for my curt response. That's all!