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One evening we had invited a young stud to our place. Jill had met him at a club one evening and liked what she saw. He was about 10 years younger than we were and Jill had asked me if she could fuck him. I said "okay, if I can watch."

When Tom arrived Jill greeted him with a hot wet kiss which he returned. I asked if we were going to have a drink or something first but Jill said no, she wanted to get fucked so off to the bedroom we all went. The drink could wait.

Jill stripped down to her bra and panties and then began to undo Tom's shirt and pants while they continued to kiss and touch each other. I found a place and sat back to watch the show which was heating up by the minute.

Soon Jill had Tom naked and his hard cock jutted out straining menacingly upward. He was large and thick and Jill wrapped her hand around his dick and looked over at me, cooing "look how big he is." I knew she couldn't wait to feel his hard hunk of meat deep inside her cunt.

"I want to dance for you," Jill told him, making him sit on the futon we had in our "play room." Tom sat back against the wall with a bemused look on his face while Jill removed her bra and then her panties, throwing them in my lap and asking me to feel how wet they were.

Jill danced seductively making erotic eye contact with Tom but by now he was so horny and his cock so hard that I don't think he could have been more ready for her pussy. We both stroked our cocks as Jill moved her hips and placed with her hard nipples. She then got down on all fours and began a slow cat crawl towards Tom, her large breasts swaying as she moved. Tom worked his dick and I though he would explode before Jill got to even touch it.

Jill hovered over Tom's throbbing cock and then took it deep in her mouth. Tom moaned as his dick disappeared down my wife's throat and his hand took the back of her head as she kissed, sucked, and licked his massive manhood. I couldn't take it anymore and moved in behind my wife, trying to put my cock into her pussy, but she stopped and looked back at, saying, "no baby, I want to fuck him first, sorry. You can do me after."

Rejected and definitely cucked, I moved back to my chair as Jill turned her hot ass towards Tom, begging to be fucked doggy-style by her young stud. "Oh fuck me now," she moaned, "I feel so dirty, I want you to fuck me hard!"

Tom quickly moved in and Jill gasped as his cock found its mark. They were both so hot that she took him in one thrust and I was amazed as this young stallion mounted my wife and fucked her in a wild passionate rage.

Jill's tits bounced from side to side and her ass bucked back against his thrusts. I'd never seen her quite like this. It was a scene of total unabashed sex as their bodies slapped together and their scent permeated the room. Jill moaned and screamed as his cock pounded her pussy, thrust after thrust, his big balls slapping against her slick ass until she came not once, not twice, but three times before Tom sprayed her womb with a massive load of cum. I thought of trying to save my load so I could fuck her once they were done but I couldn't hold on and my stream shot out a good two feet or more splattering on the floor as I jerked my cock feverishly.

After their passion had subsided and they fell apart on the futon, Jill asked me if I wanted my turn but sadly I had nothing left. They both laughed when I showed them where my juices had landed and Jill said we could do it later. Tom had other ideas however and soon his cock was hard again and he was wanting more. At least this time I was included and Jill sucked my cock while Tom fucked her again. This time the initial passion had settled a little and they shared a tamer coupling although Jill came several more times and Tom filled her pussy with another load as Jill drained my cock with her talented mouth.

Tom left a while after their second fuck and Jill said she wanted more. I moved between her legs and my cock slid into her cunt easily and we fucked, all the while I wondered if she liked it as much as obviously had liked Tom.