is natural be so excited with my wife experience?

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    My wife had told me when we started to be togheters, that her ex boyfriend before me (a black guy 8 years older than her) could make her cum easily, in one minute or less.
    She had narrated me about one time when they had sex and he couldn't resist his excitation and had his orgasm quickly. She was excited and unsatisfied, needing to cum, so she gave him a great and hard blowjob and he turned hard like a rock again (without rest after his orgasm). They fucked hard again in the rear entry position and finally she got her needed orgasm, shouting, in less than one minute. Few seconds after my wife, he had his second orgasm!
    When I heard her story I didn't feel zeals...I was excited! I told her that her ex boyfriend was a first class male and he had an incredible virile potential. I think that only a real male can do something like this.
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    White beta males naturally feel aroused when their women are pleased by black studs, nothing unusual. Every white beta male loves the thought of knowing his gorgeous girl being fucked and satisfied by a BBC, its a great feeling knowing your wife is getting what she wants, getting pleased in ways the white beta male is unable to please her.
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    I have had sex with our live-in every day since he moved in. Except for the week he was with his family back East for Christmas, it has been daily for us. I know my husband loves that I have sex with our live-in, and he loves watching. I know it turns my husband on knowing that another man is pleasing me every day, and knows that he can have me anytime he wants me.

    My husband loves seeing me with strangers as well, but he likes knowing that a night or morning will not go by when me and our live-in will not get together.

    My husband and I still have sex, but lately it has been with him wearing a strap-on. The strap-on is about the same size as our live-in's cock. It's the perfect size.

    My husband can't achieve a full erection anymore, not even while watching me with our live-in or other men. Our live-in has staying power my husband never has had, and he can cum and get hard again without any recoup time. Our live-in is 16 years younger than my husband is and 10 years younger than I am, though.

    My husband is my best friend and a great provider, financially and emotionally, but it is our live-in who provides for me, sexually. And he does so very well. Although our live-in is only 35 years old, he is very mature and sees our marriage as one he would like to have someday.

    Our live-in says that he hopes that someday he will find a woman who makes him as happy as I do. He wants to get married some day, but for now he is happy with the arrangement we have.

    Our live-in is my primary lover. He is not my husband. He is my lover. My husband is my husband, the man I love. I admit that I love our live-in as well, pretty much as much as I love my husband. To me, having both a husband and a lover feels not only right, but very fulfilling.

    Our live-in knows that he is my lover. He also knows that I love him. Our live-in has admitted to me that he is not in-love with me, but he does love me. And I am okay with that. I also know that our live-in has sex with other women. And I am okay with that, too. Although, I don't think I would be as okay with it if my husband had sex with other women.

    I know that no other women want to have sex with my husband, but I also know that I don't want him to have sex with another woman, if he ever does have the chance to, without me being there. Why am I okay with our live-in having other women? Because he is a lover. He is not my husband.

    I may have double standards, but it works for us.
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    That all seem perfectly reasonable to me. I love it. I'm jealous of your husband.