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Internal battle with being a cuckold

View attachment 98573 View attachment 98574 View attachment 98575 View attachment 98577 View attachment 98578 View attachment 98580 View attachment 98581 View attachment 98582 View attachment 98583 View attachment 98584 View attachment 98585 View attachment 98586 View attachment 98587 Right now, I'm battling a major internal struggle between pushing my wife to becoming a black cock slut, and living a normal healthy life. It's extremely hard to explain, but something very powerful and out of my power is pushing me toward her being dominated by a bbc.
The fantasy first started for me in the military when we were showering and happened to see a BBC swinging in the air by a black soldier. Ironic thing is, the dude in our unit with the biggest dick happened to be white...Anyways - in Germany, all the girls and married wives had a thing for black guys. They would cheat (on base) and would exclusively date black guys (German girls) off base where ever I would travel. It became repetitive, expected, and a turn on listening to them getting fucked in the neighboring bunks. Don't get me wrong, I had my fair share of pussy, but these chicks went crazy for the BBC. It was hard not to pay attention.
During my tour, I would fuck my German girlfriend and begin to imagine her fucking and sucking a BBC. One day I rented a porno for us in 2001 with Lexington Steel pounding white chicks with his BBC. My girlfriend at the time became aroused and began to ask more and more for the video. I would also notice her staring strongly at black soldiers when she would enter the base. It turned us both on and was a turn off when we didn't include it in our sex life. We eventually split up - not due to BBC. I met another chick.
After a couple of relationships later, and the progression of internet porn and connection speeds, I began to watch interracial porn more and more. I was living in LA and my girlfriend at the time was completely against it. Finally, after some discussion, we ordered the Lex Steel black dildo. My girlfriend, who became my fiance during the time, wasn't really aroused, but warmed up to the BBC eventually. She was Japanese and eventually began fucking it regularly and screaming out her desire for a real BBC. She would fuck that big black dick in her tight little Asian clit over and over again and scream out her love for black cock as the black dildo transformed from from a dark black to a milky white color from her cum. It was a major turn on for both of us, but a drastic difference between our previous very healthy sexy life.
Ultimately, or relationship ended after five years at my request and had nothing to do with BBC or the BBC toy we were using. Ironically, after we split up, my x-Japanese girlfriend began dating cholo/mexican Americans from East LA. I guess whatever floats her boat. Haven't spoke with her since.
A year and a half down the road, and much interracial and cuckold porn later, I met my current wife. She's from Central America and a very sexy little bitch. Attached is a photo. This is where it gets very interesting. When we were chatting, I brought up the idea of using a toy and emailed her a link to choose a dildo. She replied back, much to my surprise and delight, that she wanted the "BLACK ONE" because she would never get to try one and always wanted one. I later pushed her about her message a few days later and she blew it off.
A couple months down the road, I began to introduce her to the idea of BBC through videos and small talk. I left about ten interracial videos with BBCs fucking the shit out of young white, Latin and Asian women on the laptop when I left to work. My wife later admitted she watched every single video. Let me remind you this is my current wife, and the most beautiful girl to enter my life. Something out of my control pushed her, and us, to get a big black dildo. After a little hesitation, and verbal foreplay, she began to suck it regularly. Her fondness for the toy and the idea of getting fucked by a real "BBC" began to grow immensely. At one point, she told me during intercourse, she preferred black cock over white. I immediately blew inside of her at the sound of her declaration.
From this point, my fantasy and fascination of BBC took over my wife. She would chat with me on the phone for minutes at a time about how she loved black men from the NBA and wondered whether they had big black cocks. I would Photoshop her with BBCs and we would do live SKYPE videos with her sucking on her BBC (toy).
The point came where my wife and I decided it was time for her to go out and meet a BBC. At first, she decided she would only go out and dance at first and I would need to be present and introduce her to the big black cock she would ultimately decide to take. My wife finally went out to a black club, and throughout the night would send updates to her search for a "handsome black man". Here's what she texted throughout our adventure:
She texted me "Leaving now babe, I'll text you when I get to ****!" (**** is an all black club in Central America where you'll find many Latinas with big black guys) My wife was a little bored at 11pm - I asked her "Nobody shows up until 11pm baby, how you feel" She answers "so so cause no BBCs".
My wife is unresponsive for about an hour and finally responds "I'm home babe, no luck 2nite I guess I have to wait until I get to the US to find a BBC. I wanted to stay longer but my friends were tired." The next day I texted my wife "babe on you're way to work, tell me what you love and are into - "I love bbc and would love to suck one" she replied. Texts throughout night:

"I love BBCs and would love to dance with one"

"Let me tell you how I like it honey, big, black, and hard."

(Me) - looking sexy love - tell me what makes you really hot (wife) "BBC honey".
(Me) - I'm going to Photoshop you with a pic of the rapper Nelly later babe. "Nice honey, get a hot pic of him. I love bbc"

"Saw the pic love, Nelly is hot"
After this night out, my wife felt like the BBCs at the club didn't pay her any attention. She seemed to not have any interest an asked that we no longer include it in our sex life as it's not healthy. As of right now, I'm taking a step back and will re-introduce BBC at a later date. (That's unless she's already getting plowed by a big black cock behind my back)