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Indian cuckold hubby wants a bull for his wife..


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We are an indian couple... I would like to be a submissive cuckold husband... my wife is shy a typical indian housewife.. my dream is to..watch her bounce on a big indian or black cock whilst I watch... i would like the bull to take control of her.. I woud love to hear from likeminded people... icare2shareuk@yahoo.com or icare2shareuk@hotmail.co.uk.

What is your wife's opinion regarding your desire? Have the two of you ever discussed it?
Sometimes I think guys just over-complicate their desires to the point of it being harder to accomplish. Why not think of what you desire in terms of "swinging" instead of cuckolding ... there's a big difference, and swinging will be less complicated to arrange. Ménage à trois is an arrangement where 3 people have sex together; obviously with only 3 people, there's only going to be one of one sex, and two of the other ... either MMF (2 males 1 female), or FFM (2 females 1 male). My wife really enjoys it when we have MMFs.
I don't know to what extent you've discussed your desires with your wife (by the way she is very beautiful), but see if you can convince her that having 2 men to make love to her is even better than only having one ... list the reasons. And, reassure her that you will be there with her all the way. That way you can share her with other men, and she'll feel self assured that you accept what she is doing. Hope this helps! Mac :)
Vikas, I can assure you, your wife will soon or later be fucking someone else. It's only a matter the right person coming closer to her in the right environment. My advice is to really be patient with her and show her lots of love. Then seat with her after a nice dinner in one of those restaurants or whatever fancy place, seat in a cozy and intimate place (room) and talk to her gently holding her. Tell her what you wrote here. That you see and feel that she has much more needs than you can offer her, that you want her to experience the peasure of good sex an dyou will still lover, and you'r doing this for love sake, and so many couples do this to save their marriage and keep connected on a higher love. Rich people do to, and you would be happy if she can be sexually satisfied.

Other thing is to really find a good guy, seducer, friendly, respectful that has a bigger one and can fuck for hours. You don't want her 1st experience to be disapppointing.

My two cents! Hope you find the right formula. I would have helped myself in person if I were in your area, or if I visited.

NB: By the way, she really has a gorgeous body, all juicy in the right places.