I'm Harmoni Kalifornia, and I love BBC!


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Hi Harmoni you star! Just wanted to say I got a QoS tattoo done last year and it was seeing your sexy pics and tatts that finally persuaded me to get mine done. Ive been getting into this lifestyle for last year and a half, again thanx to pioneers like you! Thanx for the pics and joining this site! X


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Hello everyone, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I am a hotwife and Queen of Spades who loves the Black man! Say hello please! I will try to be as active as I can, and I will reply I promise! Just give me a little time!
And yes, this is really me, if you care.
Harmoni Kalifornia,

You are the extremely beautiful white lady. And you are showing to all white women to go looking for BBCs and have great time!

It is nice to see you having sex with black men. With black men only. I hope you will stay on black side forever, and never go back!

As a cuckold, I would like to ask one question: do you have any plans to have cuckold included in one of your movies. I, and many cuckolds on this site, would like to see, I hope, one happy cuckold cleaning cum out of your holes after hot action with black men.