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Humiliating myself is not for me but my cuckold is into being humiliated even beyond watching me with other men, including serving as a piss swallowing urinal for my Lovers, male and female.

I've edite3d this because tom reminded me that I forgot to mention that I do love to be urinated on especially by several men at once. I guess because I don find it demeaning or humiliating as it feels so good and looks so hot that lots of men seem to love it too.

I love to feel their hot stream washing over me or focused on my very sensitive nipples or exposed clit. I don't drink, or swallow it, anymore, although I did for at least 10 years before our Power Exchange. I'd never humiliate myself by licking it off the floor or toilet seat or let men put a toilet seat around my neck like I've seen in some of the pictures men have sent.

I love to hold a mans cock while he pisses on me, or standing behind him while he is using a urinal or my cuckolds mouth so I can feel the power of his stream in my hands. It's the only part of penis envy I have! LOL
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Well. ..with the right one i wish trying to be humiliate in any way. ...even making me clean up or suck his cock in front of her. ....because i love anything about sex. ...
Being used abusef degraded and humiliated turns me on soo very much. Theteis very little I would mot do if told yo by a Black Man or a Mistress or Master