Hubby's Confession: Cuckold Training

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    Most if not all white married males are cuckolded by their Black Masters. It is the obvious right of every Black man to dominate and control the females in a household eliminating the inferior males from breeding or frustrating them. Females desire and deserve to be bred by the superior male this is not only a natural occurrence but a necessary one as well. The white male being completely inferior to the Black Man easily and willingly gives up his right to sex with his wife and becomes a cuckold in the process.

    Cuckolding is simply the act of the wife having sex with a man other than her husband. So as soon as the Black master has sex with the married white female her husband becomes a cuckold. But cuckolding involves so much more when it is properly administered and that is what we want to discuss here. Cuckolding becomes a complete emotional and expressional experience that has positive effects on the Black Master, his family, the white female, the white male and society in general. Properly applied it sends signals to others and encourages them to participate in a Black owned white servant society. And while the white male is most affected through all of this process we will learn that he is also the one who most benefits from being cuckolded thus it can be said that cuckolding the white husband is in his best interest. This is important to note as it eliminate any guilt feeling the white wife may initially experience making her journey into being a cuckoldress much easier and more rewarding as she sees how good it is for her husband as well as herself. Blacks can take solace in the fact they have done a good thing by cuckolding the white males and that through this process he will become much happier and more fulfilled.

    Once the sexual act has occurred the white husband is officially a cuckold but we are here to learn how to accentuate the process to the benefit of all. This is done primarily through public exposure in a more or less subtle way. There are many ways to accomplish this and each situation s slightly different but most if not all of the methods can and should be used by the Black Superior and the white female to encourage the notification process.
    As a well cuckolded white husband myself, I will use example from my own personal training as well as some I know have been used on other white cuckold servants to illustrate these methods. I have found all of them to be very effective on myself so I am sure others will have a similar experience.

    One of the first ones used on me was to be sent outside to open the door for my wife's Black lover: standing there and holding it open as she and he came out on the front step and took each other in their arms and kissed passionately. Standing there some feet away holding the car open for my wife Black lover and witnessing the even caused a flush of submissive feelings to overwhelm me as I realized that my status as a cuckold was not to be kept private or confidential but made public. There could be no denying or hiding from the fact I was now a cuckold to a powerful Black Man. When he entered the car, I actually voluntarily thanked him and as I heard myself do so, I felt like a complete submissive wimp. I think it then made me realize my defeated state and accept it.
    As I entered the house my wife smiled at me and said, "That was sure a great time and he is such a man. I hope you enjoyed yourself because there will be much more to come." All I could say was "Yes Ma'am". I was then told to change the sheets on the bed which I did just more reinforcement and stronger reminders of what occurred and what my place now was.

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