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How Willing Is Your Wife ?

Which have you and your wife done?

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For those of you who actually participate in the lifestyle, just how willing are you and your wife to experiment? For example have you ever entertained two or more bulls at once? How about an all out gangbang? Does your wife go for much younger bulls (10 years or more younger than she)? What is the wildest it has gotten?
Anything goes for us, we are laid back and go with the flow. As far as wildest, hell man I dunno where to start ,or which encounter would qualify as wildest, there have been so many. Wife's bacherolette party was basically a big mandingo party. 6 hung black guys in a room full of horny white suburban women. Then there was a time we were at the club and we went into the back office with a few of the black bouncers,,,she has paid for a cover charge or a drink in that place since. So I guess we are down for anything
My wife will only take a man who is fit, intelligent and considerate. Black men are her favorite. She has been with some sexy white guys and even some younger guys but they are not her most desirable.
my wife really likes young bulls . she is 41 and very sexy her last bull was 21 , and she couldnt get enough of his cum . hell man she would suck him and swollow every last drop but never with me . this guy would fuck her and cum 4times in a matter of 2hours . she just loves to be fucked hard and fast by fit cock , how can i compete with that , i know i have lost her pussy . we have been married for 25yrs and now she is cock hungry !!!

Kum Hoar

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MASTER gives my naked flesh to groups for their use, men, women, etc. Gangbangs and public humiliation, bondage, flogging, cum drinking, private shows are just some of the things I do for HIS pleasure. :rolleyes: