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How we got started with BBC!

After 25 years of great sex my husband thought it was time to live out our fantasies. He sat me down and explained it to me like this " having sex with the same man must feel like having the exact same supper every night for twenty five years. In saying this he noted that variation is the spice of life and asked what would spice up my life at this point in our relationship".
I explained to him that I was happy but... If I were to have sex with another I have always fantasize on having sex with a BBC. We did the swingers scene a bit but after our first BBC we were both hooked. He loves to watch me fuck bbc, I believe we both enjoy it due to the naughtiness of the act and the BBC's stamina. We role play with the cuckold lifestyle but our family and life requirements come first. I would recommend this to all married couples that are comfortable with their relationship, it has made us even closer than we thought possible. I am actually in hotel now waiting on another sexual encounter. Hope it's as good as the last! My husband is my soul mate but boy do I ever love fucking BBC!!