How to tell (from real forum)


Real Person
young african bbc here. question goes out to the milfs and cougars on here as well as the young ladies too. How would a young black guy like me be able to tell a woman is interested in bbc. for example if am out in a store or somewhere random, what are the signs to look for in a white woman that tells me she wants some of it or interested. And how can i show am ready to play and such, hopefully you ladies understand what am trying to say...the fellas are free to comment to fit he know of any hints or tips that works

P.s.: didn't get a reply in the real people forum so thought I move it out to public.
Just be yourself.... if you see one of us checking you out then you can be assured that we are interested... if we dont give it a second look or even notice then its more than likely not going to happen. And for your part, if you are interested in a woman, just go up and say "Hi".... it no different than when you were trying to date in high school... same game, just better players is all.