How real is this thing

Okay so I just finally joined this forum the other day. Been browsing on it for a while but never joined cause I wasn't sure how serious or real people are on it. And since I joined, I still have not seen many testimonials as to people hooking up with others from this site. I keep it real about what I do, So before I waste my time any further on here, I got this question:

Ladies: have you ever met up with any BBC from this forum and had him pound the fuck out of that pussy or you rode the shit out of his dick? Or is it all just talks and folks not following through?

Fellas: have you met up with any white pussy from here that resulted in a worthwhile experience? Or is it all just bullshit talks

Again, keep it real, cause it looks like all I see is folks checking each other out but I don't see any follow throughs. If you say u travel, have you ever? Or you just say that just cause the pussy/dick looks good...Again, when I say imma do something, I do it.

Let me know your thoughts....

9 + BBCcock

Real Person
Hey bro its all fake most of the persons on here just do like u said the cock/pusssy looks good a the time and most of it is just talk and a bunch of gays trying to get off by looking at bbc. For the most part its just something to do with spear time I this so called girl n here saying she had 10 guys. And looking for more iin her area wen I contact so called girl and let her know am like 20mins from her/it she change her/it game and post saying she can't find anyone close to her/it but if u ask me all BS
Let's be real: What marginally attractive WF (or, any race of female) cannot find and keep access to a "BBC' anytime she wants?

On this site, its mostly gay WMs and WF cock-teasers masturbating on their computer keyboards.

Some of the more desperate BMs on this forum still seem to fall for this.

Its simply 'fun threads' and 'great pix'! Good enough for me. :)