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I awoke to what sounded like a scream and I lay there in the dark wondering if it had been a dream. I had gone to bed early leaving my wife with some people we had met by the pool. There it was again, it was Jill, and so I bolted out of bed to come to her aid, as soon as I opened the door I heard her again but now it sounded more like a scream of passion than of fear. I stopped to gather my bearing and let my eyes get use to the light, then I walked to the end of the hall just in time to hear my wife scream,

"Oh god, oh god, I cumming don't stop, please don't stop."

I peaked around the corner to see both Jill and a huge black man with their pants around their ankles and she was bent over the couch. He was obliviously fucking her from behind and he appeared to be slamming into her like a pile driver. I watched them, first in horror and then the more I heard her moan the more erotic this macabre scene became to me. I squeezed my throbbing dick but it did little to ease my aroused state and soon I had my pants open and I was using my hand in time with his trusts.

The black stud came long after I had but then my wife shocked me for the second time as she knelt down in front of him and sucked his cock clean. Hunkered down and her legs splayed I had a perfect view of her abused pussy so full of cum it was beginning to leak out. With him still in her mouth, she reached and scooped a finger full of cum and wiped it on her breasts.

Here was my wife who not only considered oral sex disgusting but a man's ejaculate as revolting, sucking this stud's cock and playing in his jizz as well. When I heard Jill say, she had better go check on me I hurried back to the bedroom and crawled back in bed.

"Jack, sweetie, are you awake?"

When I turned over, she gave me a long deep kiss, pushing her tongue between my lips. I could tell she was still aroused because we seldom french kiss and when we do it's always my tongue in her mouth. I was kissing a mouth that just seconds ago not only held another man's cock but his cum as well and I tried to get a taste of him but I couldn't. She began to rub me, "Honey I want you, pull your pants down for me."

We quickly undressed and then she climbed on top and my erection slipped easily into her wet sex. I was getting sloppy seconds from my wife, but instead of rage or even jealously, I was aroused as much as I had ever been. In fact, I was so turned on I came immediately and even though the only light in the room was from the cold winter moon I could see the disappointment in her face.

"Honey, let me finish you off with my tongue," I whispered in her ear.

"No, I don't think you..."

"Please I want you so much," I begged like a teenager.

"But you just made a mess in me."

"I don't care I want to make you feel good."

Of course, I knew I wasn't the only one who had left a mess in her but she didn't know that. She slid up my body to hover over my face,

"You're sure you want this."

My answer was to rise up and run my tongue up her slit, she then sat her sodden pussy right in my face. She rode me like a cowgirl, grinding herself into me and covering me with not only the sperm of two men but her own secretions as well. She screamed when she came and I hoped that her black lover could hear her, then I flipped her over and mounted her and we fucked again. I was crazed and as I drove myself deep inside her, I kissed her hard sharing our combined juices. After I came for the third time that night, we just cuddled, spooning together like honeymooners, we were even too exhausted to clean up the mess we had made all over each other. And that was the beginning of my cuckold life.