How it all began . . .

I have been married twice. First marriage for twenty six years. The most recent marriage for the last six.I have been fortunate that both of my wives have wanted other men.

When I was in the military in the eighties and nineties, my first wife went to the barracks nightly and was gang banged regularly. In the twenty six years that we were married, my wife gave birth to three children that she conceived with other men. We do not know who the fathers are/were.

With my first wife, we met and a week later we were married. My wife's brother and his wife were witnesses at our marriage. When we married, my wife's brother told me I had no idea what I was getting into. He told me then that if I was expecting her to remain faithful to me that I was an idiot.

The night of our wedding was the first time my first wife had seen me naked. She had been with numerous other men before she and I had met, yet she and I had not had sex. When she saw what I had to offer, she felt let down and cheated. She admitted to me that night that what I had was laughable.

My wife admitted to having sex with four other guys the morning before she and I wed. We were wed at two o'clock in the afternoon. She admitted that if I wanted to make her happy on our wedding night that I shouldn't try to have sex with her, but instead should allow her to call a few guys to join us.

I was 19 and had only been intimate with five other girls in my life, yet I had never had intercourse. The girls I had dated were beautiful and had sex with other boys while we dated. Although I didn't have sex with the girls I had dated, I did get to see them with other boys and men. I discovered that I liked to watch.

So, when my wife suggested us having other men join us on our wedding night, I agreed to it.

My wife called her brother and his wife and then she called three other guys. My wife's brother, his wife, two couples that were friends of theirs, the three guys my wife had called and eight other guys showed up at our hotel room. My wife had me upgrade our room to a room with two king sized beds.

On our wedding night I didn't get to have intercourse, but I got to watch my wife and my sister in law and their four friends and eleven other guys have sex. I watched as my wife and my sister in law and the wive's of the two other couples had sex with fourteen guys. I even got to see my wife and her brother have intercourse.

I was thrilled that I got to see my wife and her sister in law and the other women naked. I was even more thrilled when they all had asked me to eat them when they were too sloppy and couldn't feel the men any more. Although I was still a virgin, I did have experience "cleaning up" after the girls I had dated had had sex with other men.

I already knew that I liked the taste of other men's cum. So, I enjoyed not only seeing the women naked, but also getting the opportunity to taste the men who had just had sex with them.

And because I had been oral with numerous men before I got married, when the men waited to have intercourse with my wife and sister in law and the other two women, I was given the opportunity to be oral with the men who I watched fuck on my wedding night as well as "cleaning up" the women.

The following afternoon, after the last guy had left, my wife told me that she had a reputation on base and felt that just because we were married that she shouldn't have to stop seeing other men. I agreed.

My wife asked me if I had noticed the size difference between me, her brother and the other men the night prior. I told her I had. She then asked if I felt that she should have to have sex with just me or be able to actually enjoy sex in our marriage. I told her that I wanted her to enjoy sex. She then told me that could only happen if the sex was with other men. I agreed.

During the twenty years I was in the military, my wife was gang banged most nights, and we had men living with us most of the time as well. My oldest son was thirteen the first time he had intercourse, and at that time I was still a virgin. The girl he had sex with moved in with us and soon began sharing men with my wife. It was soon after that that my son's girlfriend's mom moved in with us. And soon after that my wife's sister spent a lot of time at our house as well having sex with numerous men.

I lost my virginity with my wife's sister when I was thirty nine years old. She had just had sex with seven other men and I had gone down on her. My wife's sister asked me if it excited me to eat her when she was all sloppy. I told her that I very much enjoyed it. She asked me if I wanted to fuck her and I didn't know how to answer her.

My wife's sister sat up and noticed I had an erection. She then told me to fuck her. I got in between her legs and slid my cock into her and came after three thrusts. I apologized immediately. She smiled and told me that the other men had exhausted her and that she had actually hoped that I wouldn't last too long anyway, and that I had performed as well as she had thought I would.

I had no more pulled out when another guy got between my sister in law's legs and fucked her for almost thirty minutes. As the two of them fucked, my sister in law looked at me and thanked me for not lasting too long. I told her she was welcome. The guy fucking her thanked me as well.

After twenty six years of marriage my wife met a guy she fell in love with and divorced me to marry him. Since they have been married, she has been mostly faithful to him, although she and my current wife have shared men on occasion.

I didn't have intercourse again until after I had met my current wife. On our first date, that lasted three days, on the third day when I had a co-worker over who had intercourse with my current wife, I got to have intercourse with her as well.

The first night of our three day date I bathed my wife. She had never had a man bathe her before, and she loved it. Although, when I had undressed before hand and she saw what I had to offer, she was not impressed. She told me that my cock was "cute." To this day, my wife still considers me her "little man."

I had intercourse for the second time in my life with my soon to be second wife. After I had told her that I liked to watch, she asked me if I knew anyone that I would like to see her with. I said yes and called a co-worker of mine.

After my soon to be wife had two hours of sex with my co-worker, who is six foot five inches tall, dark black skinned and hung like a horse, my wife invited me to have intercourse with her. She admitted that she couldn't feel me but loved knowing I was in her. I actually lasted almost ten minutes before cumming in her.

We dated and lived together for five years before we got married a year ago. During that five years, we went to swing clubs and an adult theater regularly and put ads on Craigslist to find men for her. In the five years that we lived together, before we married, my wife got gang banged regularly and we had men living with us off and on. This has continued since.

Currently me and the wife have a Black Man living with us and our two daughters and my wife's best friend and her daughter have moved in with us as well. In the last six years I have had the opportunity to have intercourse with two other women. Although I didn't last but a minute or so with each woman, I did cum in each of them.

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Curious to know if your daughters and the other women are also having sex with the black guy living with you. If so, I can imagine he's a very happy guy...or maybe he invites other black friends to help out..???
In addition to the last post, just last night my sister brought her husband over for the first time to watch her with our live-in. He was very excited and even got off twice watching. He admitted that he'd had fantasies like that, but never thought he would actually experience it. He admitted last night that he wants my sister to come over more often, especially if he gets to watch.

And not only did my brother in-law get to see his wife with our live-in, but he got to watch me with him as well. My brother in-law admitted that he had always wanted to have sex with me, and now his fantasy had come true by watching me with our live-in. The cool thing was how surprised he was when I told him, after our live-in had me, that he could have me, as well.

My brother in-law got off a third time inside me, pretty quickly, but he said it was some of the best sex he'd ever had. It felt good hearing that from him. And it felt good fulfilling more than just one of his fantasies.