How did you become interested in Cuckold lifestyle?


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First time was when I was younger and saw a white woman with a black man. It kinda fit with me ... not sure exactly why. My wife (not married at that time) had also always wanted to be with black men. We talked about it for years, and joked about me sharing her, and then decided to make it a reality. She has been shared twice and we plan on having the latest as a regular fuck buddy, if it works out for all of us. Definitely a turn on and feel "right" letting her get pleasure from well hung black men. Glad we are getting to experience this!

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I have a small whiteboi cock so have always had black horse hung cock size envy and just knew my wife deserved real man size cock after we got married!!
my first GF.she showed me that how love and sexual libido are 2 different things.she showed me that how she can be in love with me yet readilly fuck all others,she showed me how beautiful a girl looks when fucked,she showed me that how proud one feels when every head turn towards her though shes holding my hands.she showed me that how fantastic a pussy feels when its full of somebody elses cum.
I think it started when I spent the night in a hotel room listening to my beautiful, married boss getting fucked by a black stud in the room next door. I could hear everything they said! She didn't know I was in the hotel.


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One of my first gfs had a lot of female friends having babies with black men. After she dumped me and I tried to get her back, it became common knowledge I was a tiny itty-bitty boi down below. I later swung with a few girls, and was never the bigger man. I guess I liked how grateful those girls were, how much wilder they acted fucking the other guy, and the occasional smirks they gave me later. I wanted to please my lady, even when it meant seeing her get more, or much more from a better man. Even though we might still be together, afterwards, hearing her whisper, giggle with her girl friends about girth, and what size made me hard while also emasculating. The excitement and shame was an intoxicating desire. I was hooked.
Sometime in about 1999 I read a story in penthouse forum about a guy that helped a black man with a huge dick seduce his wife. The hubby was so excited by watching this man dick down his woman that he came inside his pants watching. After I read the whole story with my erection throbbing I closed my eyes and imagined myself as the hubby & had an explosive orgasmn inside my shorts without so much as touching myself. Been hooked ever since.
It started for me at a Military Base where I was a very young Air Cadet attending a summer camp! I was just 12 years old at the time (I changed my Birth Certificate so I could attend). Consequently I was the youngest cadet there. The minimum age was requirement was 14. The second, or possibly the third night, after a baseball game, several other cadets and I headed for the showers. Naturally, the military does not have a concern for things such as privacy and such, the showers were of the open type and spaced all along the walls of the shower room with only a partition about 2 ft x 2 ft about waste high seperating each shower. The night in question, we changed in the clothing room and headed, buck naked, into the shower area. In the far corner there was this black guy, much older than any of us, shower running, masturbating. This was all a "first" for me! I guess with the noise of the shower running over him, he evidently neither heard nor noticed us standing there. The he blew his load and much to his now embarrassment, noticed as we all stood there in awe! Needless to say his exit was "hasty" to say the least. Afterwards we all got together and of course this was the topic of conversation. With each successive kids comment, that black cock just kept growing and growing! I swear that by the end of camp that thing had reached such proportions that a Bull Elephant would have kept his legs crossed for fear of being embarrassed by by the size of that black, now monster! That started my fantasy of "How could he ever get that thing into a white pussy!" This was the reinforced by a friend I met and shared a room with at university who happens to be be black, Edwin. I didn't know how big at that time, but Edwin was extremely well endowed! Little did I know that some ten years later, Edwin would be the first, and only to date, black man to fuck my wife! You can read about that elsewhere on this site! Anyway .... that's how it started for me! :devil:
Mine started with a threesome with a good buddy from work. We hung around one night drinking a little too much. She was teasing us both and knew she had our dicks hard. Later that night when we were alone for a few minutes, she thought she'd tease me by telling me she might fuck my buddy. Five minutes later I asked him if he wanted to fuck her with me. I guess the joke was on her. We spent the night taking turns on her. We went at it the next night too. I realized immediately how much I liked watching her get fucked. A few weeks later during some pillow talk, she told me about a guy at work that she was flirting with. A few days later she called me at work to tell me that he had invited her over to his house after work to help him catch up on a work project. She knew what he really wanted. I asked her what she wanted to do. She told me she was soaking wet thinking about it. She came home later that night with a pussy full of cum for me. I was officially a cuckold.


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I had passed out at a frat party in college and my friends put me on the sofa in my bedroom. I woke up to the sounds of my girlfriend being fucked by a huge football player. Instead of getting mad or jealous, I found myself incredibly aroused, especially hearing and seeing (while pretending to still be passed out) my girlfriend going crazy, reacting like I had never seen. She usually just laid there for me until I came in like 10 seconds. LOL. Anyway, after he left, I told her that I saw the whole thing and she started crying and apologizing however when I told her it turned me on, she didn't believe me until I showed her how hard I was. She grabbed it and I literally came in her hand. After that, I watched her have sex with him and others often and was hooked. Carried over to my marriage