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How Active are you as a Cuckold?

Cucks - what have you done during an encounter?

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I'd looove to do all that and more! Can anyone help? are there any single women on this site in or near PA who want a cuck?? or anyone know one who'd like to have one?? Please help!! my email is on my profile page...I'm eager!!
Any contact with my wife is good but I don't give oral to the bull, although I have licked my wife after so I guess I'm open to suggestion. I can't imagine the look on my wife's face if started sucking another man's cock.
I was thinking about being a cuck, but i think i maybe wouldnt be able to be a cuck in reality or i would but only with the right woman, coz as i see it, its all about the woman :)
Is there a special section for guys like me? I'm an Asian guy that introduces white women to bbc. I'm a bit of a dom myself, and have met cuck husbands' wives. I often introduce wives to bbc in front of their hubbies. I use my imagination and intellect to dominate white women. I've gotten girls who were never originally attracted to black men craving bbc after I get them into it.
Yes and there is also a faggot cuck, u should lear from watchin out of the closet.
ohhh well i guess then i would fall in the category of faggot cuck? by closet cuck i didnt mean watching out of a closet but i was asking about it cause i feel that way..like a cuck..although my wife does not know im this way and does not participate.


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As a Cuck. I mostly watch and jerk off. There are times I'll have sex with my wife afterwards. I do kiss my wife and make a lot of eye contact. Only things I won't do is clean up or do anything to another guy.
I often hold my wife's hand and whisper words of encouragement to her, particularly when it's a really large BBC that she is struggling to take.

I sometimes lick and suck her feet and toes during their lovemaking as a sign of my subservience and inferiority to her. If she wishes to be licked clean post-intercourse, I will also provide that service. I love the taste of Afro cum.

Sometimes, when my wife's Black lover is fucking her balls deep, I dart my tongue lightly around his balls to increase his pleasure. I also then get to taste her juices.

And yes, I do give head to Black men. In fact, my wife says I am a better cocksucker than her! They like me because I am slow and skillful & I always swallow. I am most definitely not gay though. I see it as worshipping the Black race.
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