Highschool boyfriend

The only experience that my wife has had with a black guy was her long term high school boyfriend. From what she has told me, he was very handsome and well endowed. Although she has never spoken about any specifics with me, I have dug through some old lover letters and her journal and peiced together the story of her first interracial encounter.
My wife and her boyfriend who was only a close friend at the time, were at a party and she overendulged. On there way back to his place all she could think about was "how much she wanted to see his huge cock!". They got back to his place and put on a movie. During the movie she subtly grazed her hand against his cock to test the waters. He obliged by kissing her and a heavy make out session ensued. They both stood up and he undressed her. She was groping his cock through his jeans and was amazed at the size of his dick. "I was so turned on! All I could think about was getting that dick out and putting it in my mouth.". From her discription, this guy was long and thick. After sucking his big dick for a while, he brought her over to his waterbed and got her on all fours. They didn't have a condom so her couldn't fuck her. Her journal entry describes how he was slapping his fat cock on her ass while he was fingering her. He started to fuck her cheeks and finally shot his load all over her ass and back. "There was so much cum! I was a little worried because I wasn't on the pill."
I have other stories on there first sex session, but I'll save those for later!