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hi my name is mari

Hi! Here i am! Lol i had 1 latin girl and
She said she never had a cock go to yhe
Back of her throat! Are u kidding she said
4 real! So get this bbc! Ps she had a ball on this cock!
This is my boyfriend and I account. We got into the lifestyle because my boyfriend is kinda smalll and I want a huge black 1 lol.
Hehe I am not small more average to big but not huge and thick like some bbc. My wife likes how dominant black men are and powerful in bed. For the past year saturdays she spends with her boss bbc lover and his brother. they are around 15 years older I could go more often to watch but prefer seeing vids of her adventures :). I get off on the whole tease of it and them being older and well hung.