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Hi, GR Here

Hi y'all.

I am a 44 yo white guy and cuckold.

I call myself a cuckold, but in reality I am between relationships/marriages right now. I WAS married to a very cute and sweet Japanese gal and had a nice cuckold relationship with her, but unfortunately that relationship is over (for reasons nothing to do with the sex).

My ex-wife didn't get into black cock until after we separated, but it was still very hot for me. She was in Tokyo when we separated, and got heavily into online dating. This was entirely with white guys at first, and with the serious intent of finding a partner. We formed a very unusual relationship for a pair of exes, because I was her number 1 confidante about her dates. My wife, in many respects, was very naïve - and I found myself constantly explaining to her what was going on with the guys she met. Just from her tales I often realised if a guy was just not into her, or very interested, just using her for a one-off encounter, trying to scam her...or whatever. She always got it wrong! I actually became very protective of her from afar.

One thing I noticed, very soon, was just how many guys she fucked. It was a lot - like 2-3 new guys a week for a while. 2 in a day on a few Sundays. And she was doing repeat performances with guys she liked. It made me so horny to think of her getting drilled relentlessly - and more than a little frustrated that we were apart. I regretted not trying harder to keep her - to be honest.

She always fucked on first dates on request. She never asked for condoms. It was a strange Japanese submission thing she had going. She felt it was disrespectful to take up a guy's time and not give herself to him, and she felt it wasn't real sex if she didn't take his cum! Wild, crazy girl!

A couple of things started to happen. She got a bit depressed with not finding her soul mate. I wanted her to get some big black dick into her. If not black, then at least hung! I knew she was a size-queen from our married days, but in all her dating-fucking days she had nothing really remarkable to report. In fact I got the impression that most of the guys were pretty lousy overall.

I talked to her on Skype about trying black guys, but found she had some strange and racist ideas about blacks - namely that blacks were rough and un-romantic. "I want romance and kisses, not rough bad guys" she told me. When she said this I lol'ed and asked her where she had got those ideas! In a way it was kind of perfect because I just told her she was wrong, and black guys were known for their sensual kissing - and big cocks (I added for good measure). She ought to try some. She agreed to, and this created a buzz of excitement in me I can barely describe it. I would be checking my email every few hours to see if some news came in about a black date, or to see if she wanted to tell me about it on Skype.

After a few days news did come in! And oh my, had I started something!! Thus began a period of intense jungle fever for her. I got to talk to her less, sadly, because she was out all hours taking dick. Thinking of her pussy getting stretched out by black dick day after day just drove me wild. The cock was bigger, harder thicker - and the fucking pure and wonderful. Forget about her romantic aspirations - getting black fucked erased all that from her mind!! She was on the black meat train and riding it for all her worth. I knew her - she was kind of sweet, gentle and naïve - yet at the same time relentlessly wet and horny, and a size queen.

About a month in to this black phase she met a Nigerian named Nate. I actually got to talk to her on Skype before this date. She told me he was 23 yo and she was a little concerned at the age difference, and his boastful nature. When she told me what he bragged about...well, you know what it was...I just told her it seemed she was in for a good time. Some guys were hung, and some guys bragged - two truisms. But I had a sense of anticipation about this one. Again I was reduced to hanging on my computer for a report. There was the thrilling moment the following day, a Monday, when the activity indicator on Skype lit up and she appeared on line. Then there was her typically minimal and understated "hi". I asked her how it went. "great!" was her simple reply. I just about begged her to elaborate. "so big!!!!" she replied. How big? Well, she then went into a narrative about how her date with Nate proceeded, and how they ended up on his sofa (and so on), and he got it out, and she played with it, and kissed it etcetera. She told me they then tried to fuck, but were unsuccessful, so she brought him off with her mouth. WAIT! I asked her to back up a bit! I wanted her to explore this "unsuccessful" attempt at fucking. He was too big she explained - too thick to penetrate.

I thought "What...the...fuck?" She was a size queen, and was a mother of two! How could he be too big?!

She then reported they tried again later on. "Did he get it in this time?" I asked nervously (hand on cock!)

"yes!!" she replied, and I thought I could feel her beaming proudly through the screen text. She went on to say it hurt, but he got it all in, and it was "great!!"

OK, long story short. I HAD to see this Nate guy in action. I was actually desperate. I flew to Tokyo at first opportunity and actually begged her to let me see him fuck her. It was awkward, and he wasn't "into that", but I got my wish in the end. It was a dream come true. He was fucking massive - and when he got it up and pounding her, well Lord in Heaven, what a thing to behold. My cute stretchy little Japanese size queen taking 12 solid inches of the purest blackest meat you could imagine - it was all that!! I have never seen a cunt stretched like that!

There's a lot more to this. The situation with Nate actually got very complicated for reasons I won't go into here. I discovered there was no going back with my relationship with Torii-chan. And I got to watch Nate fuck two of my previous Japanese girls, Naomi and Junko. It was all part of the deal. And Torii went on to get gang banged numerous times by US military guys, and it became something of a hobby of hers for a while.

Now they say once u go black...well Torii just remarried - a white American who has no clue of her jungle fever days! How does that end?