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Her night out with Master's friend

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I'm waiting in the parking lot of a hotel. Master gave me the address via text and told me to be nearby starting at 7. It's almost 8. I'm wearing my chastity device and have anal beads inserted.

I have no idea what I'm doing here, but imagine that I'm picking you and Master up to drive you somewhere. You're on a date and that's one of my duties.

My phone buzzes and I see a text from Master telling me to pull around to the side of the hotel. When I round the corner I see you standing by yourself. You're wearing a skirt and heels. You look fantastic.

I pull up and say, "Hey Sexy, need a ride?"

Licking at what looks like dried cum at the corner of your mouth, you say, "Not after the way I've just been ridden!"

"Hop in," I stammer as a flush rushes over me. You know I always get a tingle from hearing you talk dirty.

You get in and kiss me, teasing me with your tongue. I pull away from the curb and ask, "Can you tell me about it?"

You tell me ALL about it.

How Master picked you up in a taxi. One of the vans, but this one had no middle seats. He had you on your hands and knees with his cock in your mouth before the cab left the front of our house. He just sat there and talked to the cabbie about what a slut you were and telling him some of the things he'd done to you.

He had you hike your skirt up a bit and pull your panties down so the cabbie could feel how wet your pussy was. The cabbie spent every red light with his fingers inside of you. He made you cum twice before he pulled up to the curb in front of a bar.

The door slid open and a man got in and sat next to Master. They shook hands and Master told you that this was his cousin and that you could address him as Sir. With a dick in your mouth and the cabbies fingers buried in your cunt you met Sir's eyes. He just stared into you with unblinking black eyes. And then he smiled. A very cruel smile.

Master and Sir just chatted idly while the cab drove to the hotel that Sir was staying at. Your mouth never left Master's cock and Sir's eyes never left your face.

Master told Sir that he could have you until 8, but no longer, as He had plans for you later in the evening. Sir said that that would be fine.

Master told you that Sir was a very special friend of his and was to be treated with every kindness that you would show to Him.

Master pulled you up and kissed you as the cab stopped. He told you to take off your panties and wipe your pussy with them. Then he told you to give them to the cabbie.

The door opened and Sir stepped out and took your hand. He helped you out of the cab and putting his arm around you, led you into the lobby and to the elevator. When the doors closed he put his face to yours and slid his tongue into your mouth as he culled your ass with one hand and pushed the other up under your shirt and played with your nipples.

The door dinged and he led you down the hall to his room. As soon as the door closed, he grabbed the back of your head and shiver you to your knees. Holding your hair, he tipped your head back so that your face was up and pulled his cock out and dropped his nuts and thick cock onto your face. He fucked your face and throat for a very long time and ended up cumming into your mouth.

He made you spit it onto his cock and he used it as lube when he shoved his massive cock up your ass as you lay face down on the bed, screaming into the mattress. He finally came in your ass and had you flip over on your back. He grabbed your hair and pulled you to the edge of the bed, straddled your head and fucked your tits while he made you lick his ass and balls.

When his cock was hard again he got between your legs and had you rub his cock against your clit and pussy until you came. Then he told you to put it in. When you had the head of his cock inside of you, he laid on you and held you in his arms as he slowly fucked you. He talked dirty to you and had you tell him how much you loved being fucked by his huge cock. You kissed him and held hands with him and he slowly fucked you through countless orgasms.

When he finally came, with the head of his cock wedged deep in you, you thanked him for his cum. He laid on you and sucked your nipple and fingered your ass as his cock softened and pulled out of your cervix. You came again from that.

He rolled off of you and sent you to wash your face and fix your hair. He was texting Master as you dressed. Before he sent you downstairs you cleaned his cock with your mouth.

I've pulled into the lot at a motel that Master had sent me the address for while we were driving. We climb into the back of our van, where I've put the seats down and laid a small crib mattress.

I crawl between your thighs and look up into your eyes as I lower my mouth to your fucked, sore, cummy pussy. I moan as I taste Sir's cum mixed with your pussy juices. You get onto your feet and squat over my face so that I can reach your asshole, too. I stick my tongue deep in your well fucked ass and let his cum run into my mouth. I lick you clean. I love making you cum like this.

We lay next to each other in the back of the car and kiss. You squeeze my nuts and dig your nails into them. My dick is leaking from the tip, but the device I'm wearing keeps me
from getting hard. You give me a wink as you suck the fluid of of your fingers. "I've got to go," you say, "He's waiting, I don't want to be late."

Not having any further instructions, I wait until I see you walk through the door of the room Master is waiting in. I give it another 15 minutes, just in case. My patience is rewarded, Master texts me a small shopping list.

I buy everything on the list and head back. After knocking on the door, I kneel and wait to be let in. I listen to the sounds of fucking as I kneel in the cold, my face flushed as a couple walks around me on the way to their room.

After what seems like an eternity, Master opens the door and let's me scoot in on my knees. He shuts the door and stands over me, his cock glistening with the combined juices of your fucking. I moan deep in my throat as I wrap my lips around the head of his cock and start to clean him.

When I'm finished, he plops down in the chair and has me open a beer for him. I wait for his slight nod before I move up to the bed and in between your legs.
To be completely honest - I didn't like this one as much as the other one. Had to read the begining twice to know who was who. It was ok - but just that - ok. When did he take the beads out of his ass? And Sir - all he did was fuck her ass and pussy - nothing else? No excruciating pain? No torture? No dirty talk made? To put it - this one would be R rated, the other one X rated.