Her fantasy


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Written by the wife in a dirty email she sent while I was away on a business trip:

I know how much it would turn you on to see me fucking a big black cock.

I have a surprise for you, we are at home, you are on your computer, the door bell rings. You see me walk past your office to answer it and you do a double take. I walk past in heels, black stockings, a green and black school girl skirt and a see through white tank top that barely covers me so you can see the bottom of my luscious tits.

You immediately come after me as I open the door to a tall dark black man, who I welcome inside. You know what is about to happen but you ask anyway "bebe what's going on?"
I turn to you and smile, "well, im about to be fucked, would you like join?" You nod, not say anything, surprised that your fantasy is about to come true. I push you down on the couch and unzip your jeans, your cock will always be my favorite and I want to get that pre-cum in my mouth. I start sucking you on my knees, my ass exposed from my short skirt. You close your eyes, enjoying it and then immediately snap them open. The black man approaches me, gets down on his knees behind me and starts moving his hands across my ass, feeling my skin, watching me suck you.

I stop sucking you, with a wink, i turn around. The man unzips is jeans and pulls out his massive black cock, its not quite hard yet but i can take care of that. He says " Start sucking slut" I work my mouth around his cock, my ass and pussy exposed to you, you can see how wet I am, its dripping down my legs. I start to slowly suck his cock, only getting a few inches in. That's not good enough for him. "I said suck my big black cock slut" he grabs my head and shoves his cock further down my throat, I'm gagging and sucking at the same time. He starts to thrust making me take it, i work my hands around the few inches that still wont fit in my mouth.

You are watching closely, hard, you get on your knees, flip my skirt up and start fucking my pussy, thrusting it in hard, making me moan out around his cock. You start to fuck me fast, making me clench all around you, you grab my hair and pull with your other hand holding my hip so you can get in deep.

He then starts to fuck my mouth harder, getting in rhythm with your thrusts in my pussy, I start to cum loudly, shaking but you don't stop. The door bell rings.

The black man starts to stand up to go to the door. I wont let go of his cock, I'm crawling on my knees as he walks backwards with his cock still in my mouth. The door opens and another black man walks in.

You get up and sit on the couch, I walk over to you, you pull my skirt off and pull the tank top over my head, exposing my breasts, you put them in your hands and then smack them, hard. You turn me around and grab my pussy, your hand is wet from all my juices. You take your wet fingers and glide them over my ass, I know what you want. You push me down on top of your cock, so Im facing the men. Your hard throbbing cock in my ass. You start to fuck me as they both walk over, massive cocks out. The first one walks over and puts his cock in my pussy. I start to scream. Ive never been dp'd like this before. I dont know how his cock even fits in there with yours in my ass. I start moaning loudly, im not sure if I can take it if he starts to thrust. He does anyway, Im so loud, you grab my tits from behind, pushing me up and down against your cock, so deep in my tight ass. The other guy walks over "lets give her something to scream about." he shoves his massive cock in my mouth, and i start to suck it. I am airtight. Its so hot. Ive always been a cock slut and now I have one in every hole. You cant take it anymore and you cum in my ass thrusting even deeper as you do and I cum all over his cock hearing you orgasm. They stop and take me off of you.

"Its time to watch how much of a slut she really is"

They switch places, placing one big black cock in my ass and the other in my pussy, holding my arms back they start to fuck me. My head is turned so you can watch my every spasm. You love seeing my pale skin against their dark cocks. You love seeing how much I can take, how much i scream. You grab your phone and start to record it, them filling me. Making me a big black cock whore. They both are close, feeling how tight I am, so tight against their massive cocks. They pull out and push me on my knees. They then use their hands to finish themselves as they spray their cum all over me. It comes out in loads, on my face and my tits, dripping down. I look at you and straight into your camera and lick my lips.