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    She needs a bull in Dallas...who wants to slide those off while that sexy ass?
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    Hubby sliding in
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    Riding hubby
  4. I'm addicted hehe

    I'm addicted hehe

  5. I'm lovin it ;)

    I'm lovin it ;)

    I really do
  6. Wife on her knees sucking BBC

    Wife on her knees sucking BBC

  7. Teencuck95

    my thick girl

    22 year old skinny white male and 25 year old gf, 5ft tall
  8. IMG_3580.JPG


  9. Wife getting creampie from buddy

    Wife getting creampie from buddy

  10. Me getting Blacked :)

    Me getting Blacked :)

    Lucky me hehe
  11. Hotwife takes BBC on vacation

    Hotwife takes BBC on vacation

  12. Hey everyone

    Hey everyone

    Just saying hey and go rockets,play off game 1 today.
  13. Fotor_152375542960560.jpg


    Built for big dicks
  14. Needs a BBC

    Needs a BBC

  15. More room...

    More room...

    My pussy has more room in these!
  16. Dsoul

    One Fateful Night - excerpt.

    None of my lovers knew each other. But I’d told them already why I wanted them to come over, without letting on that I was pregnant already. I introduced them and they shook hands like they were friends. “If you’ll all follow me now,” I laughed as I led the way to the bedroom, taking off my...
  17. Wife moans under BBC

    Wife moans under BBC

  18. O

    My Cuck Future?

    Hello, tomorrow is the big day and my girlfriend will hopyfully finally have sex with a real man - a black man :):sex: Now I guess things are going to change in the relationship between me and her. Do you guys have any advices for me how to behave or what to do in future to make sure she loves...


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    Doesn't matter where or when.