goldie & cuck

Hi all,

married couple (15 years almost) from new england and just recenlty cucked hubby. we were swingers for years but recently discovered the joy of BBC. OH YA!!, i aint ever going back. I give my a hubby a HJ every few weeks and he is a happy. A few pathetic strokes and he is done and i can move onto bigger and better things.

Bye for now all
Oh yea great life. we have been married 25yrs. Wife started to cuck me last year with a 23yr old white bull. She loves it now. I dont even get a bj. Just got me a cock cage.
We love playing with the cage & key. Used the CB 3000 for a while but looking for something better now. Anyone have any suggestions.
The cage gives me a feeling of total respect for my slut wife. It shows me that a small cock, that i have can be tamed and locked up. But you cant gage a huge thick powerfull cock. My wife loves to fuck young cock. She has told me that i will never compete with her young bull. Game over so i get to wear a large ball stretcher and gage.