My bull took me to a swinger club on BBC Night (any black guy with a cock over 8 inches gets in free). He and I went in to the glory hole closet. It was set up like a two way mirror. I could see them, but they couldn't see me. I must have sucked 25 dicks. My jaw is sore. Anyone ever tried a gloryhole?


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None around us that we have found. My slut will go into the video stores herself and pick out what IR porn she wants. I went in behind her the last time to watch the stares she gets while browsing the IR porn and toys, it was great and the looks she got when she took everything to the counter to pay was priceless!!!!!!
I used to love going to gloryholes back in the day before all these stds. When I was 18 I had the honor of sucking my first black cock through one in an ABS in chicago I did not worry about disease too much back in the late 60s you may have caught clap but got a dose of pen. to cure it. Today with all the disease going around I would be a little leary of sucking a strangers cock.