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girlfriend locked me up and wants some ideas!

I searched but didn't find what I'm looking for so sorry if this is a repeat. My gf wants some ideas on teasing games/activities and other humiliation related ideas she can use to tease and deny me. We have a steel cock cage, blindfold, handcuffs, and the 9 inch Mr Marcus replica dildo. Thanks in advance!
Pick a day that is convenient for you guys and that is the only day of the week you get a chance to cum. Mine is Sundays. You can be teased the other days, but you can't cum.

On your day, get 1 or 2 dice and use them to determine what happens. For example, you have to roll double sixes to have an orgasm.
There should also be consequences for you if you do something wrong during the week. My wife has come up with all kinds of games we play to determine if i can cum. If I don't do a chore, I lose opportunities.