Getting ready to give up on this...

So idk what else to do to get my gf some bbc...i mean shes had sex with black men in her past and once while we were on a week break from our relationship last year. I told her about how much i would love it if she would fuck a black man at least once in front of me or video it if i wasnt there....she said no and that my fantasy will stay a fantasy and would never be a reality...i even showed her some really good photoshops of her and bbc, and when i showed one her curiosity got the best of her and she asked to see more...her reaction was unexpected and she wasnt mad at all and she kept saying omg with a smile...should i take this a step forward to my ultimate goal or just coincidence, anyway what else do i need to do to reach this amazing goal of mine....i feel like it can happen but will take longer with my gf....please help, thanks


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NJ ... it may very well happen, but, I don't think you'll ever know about it. Maybe you don't realize it, yet, but you're probably still being evaluated as a possible lifelong mate, and the more you persist in trying to convince your GF to go "black" so you can get a thrill, the more you disqualify yourself as being that suitable mate. The ladies don't intentionally date men that they can eventually cuck for a thrill. They cuck their men because their sexual needs aren't being met. Most could be very content with one strong, positive man that makes love to her good, and is a good provider.

Women don't like sharing their men with other women, and hate MEN who are unfaithful cheaters. Thus, it makes no sense or logic to them as to why their men would want to sexually share them with other men. Its just the way men & women are wired so differently. Your objective isn't all that unattainable, but it is probably impossible with your current approach.

Here are a few suggestions that I've seen work many times:
  • find out what some of her sexual fantasies are, and try to persuade her to fulfill those first. Then see if she will fulfill one of yours. Your fantasy should be for her to try a 3-some with you and another man of HER choice in order to see her reach a new, sexual HIGH. My wife loves MMFs as an alternative.
  • do some role playing of her accepting another man's cock ... get yourself one of those synthetic, lifelike cocks, warm it in warm water, possibly add a little lube, and make love to her pussy with it ... hopefully you'll eventually convince her to entertain the possibility of being made love to by 2 men.
  • go slow, and help her lower those mental roadblocks of saying NO. See to it that her own sexual pleasures are being met first.
  • take her out to places where she can have relaxed conversations with other men (of all races) ... clubbing allows her to dance/talk/be touched by other men
  • once she agrees to a 3-some, if the man is not black, and that is still your desire, then arrange for her to meet black guys
  • lastly, and most important, accept the fact that MOST women are not into multiple, sexual relationships, especially in front of someone they love. Therefore, don't persist & allow your desire to affect your relationship with her.
Here's a website with some interesting conversation regarding cuckolding. Maybe you'll find something useful there.

Good luck ... Mac :)