getting a 50ish mature wife blacked

New here but wanted to ask if I'M in the right group. There are so many sexy, attractive women much younger than my 52 yr old wife, a mom, not a model type I feel we might be out of place or of not much interest to Bulls, couples, groups. I have for a long time wanted to watch my prim, proper, sometimes snobby wife used by BBCs, leading up to this point I have displayed her naked in hotels to strangers after many drinks, with her unaware, lights on, shades open, me hiding but watching & wildly aroused at seeing many stop, look, comment, take pics. Now it's time for the next step, watching her with others, so as a straight male who wants to watch (& jerk) while others play with his w, 52, 5'9, 160, 40d-34-40 wife, who when a bit trashed can be a slut, are we in the right place here & is anyone interested? Input, ideas, HELP PLEASE
Hope all the pics are visible to everyone?
Dont be shy about making comments, observations, what u like, ideas, questions, please get in touch...