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I told her how much I enjoy her making love to black men compared to hard poundings.
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So Friday night she went to his house and spent the night, 13 hours or so before she came home.
She told me all about it and all the love making and oral sex and he came at least 5 times inside her pussy. I dared her again to spend 50/50 in each bed and of course she accepted that dare.
She spent Friday night and then went to his house last night and came back in the morning.
Well that was not enough and she has left again tonight to spend the night with him.
I told her about my dreams of her black lover taking her rings off and then making love to him.
She had her lover take them off half way through and fucked like crazy
She took a couple of loads last night
I expect 2 or 3 before she comes back home.
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