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    So here's a first attempt at writing a story, the wife loved it and wanted it posted, so let me know what you think!

    Lexi sat upright on her knees, her perk breasts rising and falling softly, nipples hard, waiting to be grasped. The collar around her neck was secure, the chain leading from it cold against her bare skin, and the leash handle held up in her hands in front of her.
    Her red lace panties were soaking wet, and being the only thing she had on, her wetness was obvious as she sat awaiting her master to arrive.
    When he did, he didn't knock, he had a key, the tall black man strode in confidently without even looking at young white wife waiting on the floor for him he reached out and grabbed the handle to the leash before sitting down on the couch. In her rush to follow on her hands and knees Lexi hadn't even seen the second man follow her master in, not that it would have mattered, she thought, once she saw him sit at the couch as well.
    "See what I mean? This sexy little slut can't get enough!" Her master bragged to his yet-to-be-introduced friend, Lexi wondered if he'd fuck her before she even knew his name.
    "Come here Lexi, show my boy here what that pretty little mouth can do."
    She needed no other bidding, immediately she crawled over to the second man and began to pull his shorts down, she didn't know what to expect, but it didn't matter, her Master wanted her to suck this cock, and suck she would. She looked up at him seductively as she pulled down his shorts slowly, giving him her sexiest 'fuck me' eyes. When finally revealed she reached out to his black cock taking it firmly in both hands, while not as long as her Master, he was thicker, and both of them were much larger than her white husbands she thought to herself.
    As Lexi slowly started working her tongue up and down the magnificent black shaft the man rolled his head back on the couch, "She's got a hot lil tongue"
    "Hell yea man, you think that tongue is hot, just wait till you feel this pussy." With that her Master scooted to the edge of the couch, reached out and slapped her ass hard, her pale skin quickly turning a bright red.
    Lexi jumped at the slap, but the tingling only made her pussy wetter, and she tried to suck more of the monster cock into her mouth, only barely getting past the head. As she worked her mouth up and down the cock in front of her Lexi's master slid off the couch to stand behind her, continuing to slap her ass, with each slap her tight white bottom turning redder and redder, "Yea you fucking like that don't you slut?"
    "MMMhhhfffmmm," Was all she could could mouth with the big black cock filling the rest of her mouth.
    "You're a dirty little white wife aren't you? Sucking some black dick while your husband is gone? I wonder what he'd think of his sweet little bride, panties soaking wet with red marks on her ass and a cock in her mouth?"
    All she could do was moan as he pulled out his phone to snap a few pictures of the helpless wife, so vulnerable in front of him.
    Her master slowly slid her panties down her thighs before taking one last slap at her ass, then with one big finger he began to spread her juicy pussy lips, her wetness dripping down her thighs, "See this man? She fucking loves this shit."
    Lexi could barely contain her excitement as she felt her Master's large black finger begin to spread her pussy, reminding her of what she used the think her pussy felt like when it was 'full.' As she sucked the big balls in front of her into her mouth she could feel the heat radiating and shaft swell as she ran her hand up and down, coaxing the cum she wanted so badly out.
    "Oh fuck man this little slut is gonna make me bust"
    Her Master slapped her ass again, "You better not let a drop of that spill, that's not some white boys cum slut!"
    Lexi cupped his balls in her hand and pulled his cock down to her mouth, forcing as much down her throat as she thought she could, just as she thought she'd start to gag she felt his cock swell impossibly larger and a torrent of her favorite protein began to fill her mouth and throat, she swallowed as much as quickly as she could, while a small trickle drippled down the side of her mouth. Lexi sat back on her knees as she had by the door and wiped her mouth on her finger, licking it clean.
    The stranger on her couch, who's cum she'd just swallowed, sat back with a very satisfied look, "Holy shit, I've never had a slut suck like she was so hungry for it, you starvin her man?"
    "Ha, the only thing she's starving for is more dick! You ain't seen nothing yet." Her Master tossed the stranger his phone, "Hit record."
    With that he tugged on horny white wife's leash, compelling her back onto her hands and knees to follow him into the bedroom, her bedroom, to the bed where she'd layed with her husband so many times, and cum with her lovers so many times.
    Her Master stripped as he walked in, tossing his clothes on the floor like he'd been there many times before, in truth, he had. He sat down at the edge of the bed and pulled her in close, before turning her around with her back to him so they both faced the camera, "Hey there whiteboy, it's been about a month since you've been gone and I just wanted to show you that I'm taking real good care of your wife!" He spoke into the camera.
    "Since you've left she's taken very well to sucking off strange cocks, so long as their black, in fact she just finished with the cameraman right before this. But to show you how well things really are going, lets just ask her. Lexi, slut, are you enjoying being my little white fucktoy?"
    Her body visibly shivered with excitement, "Yes Master, my holes are for your pleasure."
    "And do you suck and fuck any cock your master puts in front of you?"
    Lexi looked up at him, "Only black cocks please! I'm a black cock only slut!"
    Her master stroked her hair, "Damn right you are ho. Now what am I about to do to your pussy?"
    "You're about to ruin it for little white cocks, stretch me and make me a black cock addicted slut."
    "That's damn right, now hop up on my lap and spread those legs for me."
    The hot little snowbunny slut jumped onto his lap and spread her legs overtop his, opening her pussy for the camera, her master pulled her hair long red back so she leaned back against his hard dark muscular body while exposing her soft neck and delicate shoulders, with his other hand he parted her pussy lips before giving her pussy lips a smack and sliding two fingers deep inside her. The small white girl looked so pale and soft being handled so roughly, but she shook with anticipation and moaned in eagerness. Her Master looked into the camera, "When you get home this little pussy's going to be completely black owned, cuckold, I'm gonna go get it branded permanently so you know you won't satisfy it ever again."
    With that, he lined his massive cock up with her pussy and thrust inside her while she sat on his lap, going nearly half way in on the first thrust, the wife, who's hair and head were still held back, screamed in surprise, "OOOH FUUUCCCCKKKK MMMMEEE!"
    And fuck her he did, using her body like a fucktoy he grabbed her sides and forced her tight white body deeper onto his cock each time as his massive black tool thrust up into her from below. She was quickly lost on wave after wave of her own orgasms as they rocked through her body, while she struggled to hang on to the ride that was simply using her.
    When he lifted her off his cock he tossed her onto her bed on her back, looking over she could see the large dark wet spot where her pussy juices had soaked the sheets right where her husband normally slept. The thought was quickly lost at the feeling of just how empty her pussy felt without her Master's cock inside her, a feeling that she was growing to hate in-between the times where her pussy was full of either his cock or his cum.
    "Is that what being black cock owned is? Is this a black cock addiction?" She thought to herself, "If so, fuck I was missing out."
    Aloud she moaned seductively, "Come back her lover, I need that back inside me right now!"
    Her Master grabbed both her ankles, spreading her legs wide and out, pushing them above her shoulders while he lined himself up with her, letting go over her legs and sinking deep inside her he let her wrap her legs around his back.
    He started to thrust slowly, letting her feel every inch of his horse-cock inside her, and feel how empty she was when it wasn't. The feeling drove Lexi mad and she bucked her hips to meet his thrusts, begging, "Fuck me, fuck me, please fuck me hard!"
    With an evil grin he conceded to her demand and began to fuck her, hard. With one hand he cupped her ass while the other pinched and pulled at her nipples while his ramming assault continued on her pussy, drawing yet another orgasm closer, "Oh fuck I love black cock, oh fuck me, I'm a slut, I'm a slut, I'm a black cock slut," She moaned the words seemingly forced out of her mouth involuntarily with each thrust of her Master's cock.
    He bit her nipple, kissed her neck, and kissed her mouth, sliding his tongue to meet hers, "Are you ready for my cum slave?"
    "Yes Master! I'm your white slave - you're white slut wife, use me! Fill me with your cum! I need your black cum inside my white pussy!"
    "And do you deserve it?"
    "Yes! I did what you asked, I sucked your friends cock! I'll suck or fuck any black cock you want me to! I won't let any white cocks cum inside me!"
    "What about your husband?"
    "No! If you tell me to I'll make him wear a condom every time!"
    "Slut by the end of the next few months you won't even want that little white thing inside you!
    "Yes! Cum inside me! Fill me with your cum! Make my pussy black cock only!"
    With that she felt is cock swell within her, deeper and thicker than any cock before, bringing her to a final earth shattering orgasm she arched her hips and screamed in ecstasy. Her Master pulled his cock from her, a flood of cum dribbling out onto the bedsheets following his cock-head. She purred in the afterglow, one hand across his chest while she knelt down at his waist, sucking on his still hard cock, cleaning the mixture of their juices from it, her eyes closed as she nursed it.
    The cameraman stopped the phone, tossing it back to her Master as he dropped his shorts, revealing his own resurrgent manhood, "Fuck man, I'm gonna get me some of that now! But I don't want no sloppy seconds, I hope you've got some lube slut, this black momba's going in your ass!"
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    Sound something we should try ;)
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    fuck! that's hot.
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    That can't be your first time. Look to read more
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    Very good! Glad you get right to the hot stuff and don't waste space writing about the weTher or discribing the wallpaper.
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