1. O

    She won. She's going to get a huge black cock.

    Hello everyone, It all happened so fast. Just last week I posted here about my girlfriend, her ex and his huge cock. I decided to share with her my thoughts and feelings that had been taking over for two years. But I did not expect such a reaction from her. She was of course very supportive...
  2. Becoming a slave: Shivering Squirting while standing

    Becoming a slave: Shivering Squirting while standing

    After a long journey serving and having all their limits exceeded She can't hold back anymore Release every thought, emotion, and liquid you got for me. Speak whatever words that slip out yo mouth. I'm here to push you pass all your limits
  3. BlackSadist

    Bi Black owner for white asses.

    I came here from bdsm community and I love training white slave families. Assertive Dominant Seeks Committed Couple for Daring Exploration An experienced and authoritative Dominant here, on the search for a couple that craves the exhilaration of power dynamics and the intensity of a calculated...
  4. L

    Owner announcement and self humiliation

    First to say is that I belong to Hotjen. She is my mistress and she owns my three holes. She wanted me to tell you this, also she wanted you all to know that im I’m a dirty little whore for you all. So now you know that im just a a cock sleeve for all your cocks and a licking machine for all...
  5. I like em Rachet

    I like em Rachet

    Slut training
  6. QoS Serving her purpose

    QoS Serving her purpose

    We took the show on the road to a hotel in Louisville
  7. Ass stretched out on the stairs

    Ass stretched out on the stairs

    The slave got his ass grabbed and liked it a lot
  8. willynsandy256

    Nervous Bimbo AL Wife

    I really am the dumbest bimbo in Alabama. My husband Bobby brought a Very Blessed sexy young black man to our house a few nights back. I did as I'm instructed to always do and served him until he was thoroughly done with me. It was definitely one of the hottest expieriences of my life. Totally...


    White wife Wednesday's are too much fun with this sexxy new regular. Husband let me get her 1on1 a their were no limits. Listen to her take all this dick while in her!!! Enjoy part 2 folks
  10. ItalianCUCK23c

    italian cuckold looking for hotwife

    Hello ladies, I'm 1,93 mt, 25 years, atlhetic and with a big dick 23cm.... but i dont want to use it. Instead, i want to find u bigger dick, and let me be completely controlled by you. I want to loose my mind for a photo of you fucking a guy instead of me, and i will beg you to lick that cum...


    She wanted the moment of her cummin in my mouth on video.... never knew 59 year old pussy could taste so damn good. Very surprised by my new regular....yummmm!
  12. GILF QOS pt.3

    GILF QOS pt.3

    Husband let me come by and RAIL his wife, while he watched from work. 59 years young... AWESOME MEET!
  13. GILF QOS pt.2

    GILF QOS pt.2

    Husband let me come by and RAIL his wife, while he watched from work. 59 years young! Heres shes getting loud and getting spanked...hard!!!! a true BBC sub.
  14. L


    Looking for
  15. GrkCuck420

    Bi cpl in NYC 4/17-4/19

    Hey everyone, We will be visiting NYC, staying in Manhattan close to the 59th st stop, Sat 6/17 through Mon 6/19 and are looking for some BBC's to play with. We are a bi white couple, so you should be cool with that. We are mostly looking to suck hung guys, but if we click she might give it up...
  16. BBC Cumshot

    BBC Cumshot

    Full Vid on MV - “Amateur Hot Wife” on MV
  17. BiGuy4BBC

    Care for a dare?

    I bet I could get that big black cock off quicker and more intense than any woman ever could! I serve like you wish somebody else would…anything goes! No gag reflex 😉
  18. I

    Cuck slave seeking cuckoldress Femdom

    Hi, I am a sub 32 years old who enjoys being controlled by a female dominant. I prioritize the needs and desires of my partner over my own, and I am seeking a cuckoldress - a dominant woman who enjoys having sexual experiences with other men while maintaining a relationship with me. I am open to...
  19. Would prefer you replace one of these

    Would prefer you replace one of these

    Any takers?
  20. Anal training

    Anal training

    She is a good little slit