1. WhiteEuroBoi

    Hi I'm Jonathan

    I know I've been a member for about a year now but I never had the opportunity to introduce myself. I'm Jonathan, I'm 23 years old, and I'm an amateur cuckold. I have a very tiny white penis and it's about 4.9 inches fully erect, about 3 inches in girth, and I can barely get it up all the way. I...
  2. DosUnoDosYoe

    Washington, DC — Sub BBC seeking training by domme/mistress (or dominant female)

    Hi. I’ve been curious and very eager to be trained by an experiienced domme/mistress to be an obedient sub and/or bull. I’ve watched from afar for about 3-4 years now and would love to dive right in—I don’t wanna take things slow. Ass/pussy/foot worship, spanking—I will explain more thru...
  3. IMG_20150815_144153.jpg


    PAWG blonde wife to share
  4. f1db57b7-7d6e-4d33-8dec-1370c7fa7379.mp4


    Sexy Tennessee slave taking taking all a niggas dick.
  5. O

    Reparations in South Africa

    We are currently having public hearings regarding land reparations, here in South Africa. My opinion... I'm sure most African men would agree that White people could stay on our land, as long as they take up their rightful places in the home: The men as cuckboi slaves and the women as our sexy...
  6. W

    take me

  7. Good Slave waiting for her Master...

    Good Slave waiting for her Master...

  8. H

    Seeking cuckoldress

    Still seeking a cuckoldress that I can clean up and have fun with, from London so If you’re interested message me, idm role play on kik either only females tho
  9. Z

    New and looking for white chocolate

    Hi All. I'm new. 24 . Londoner and African. I'm interested in a live in cuckold relationship, FLR or slave/mistress relationship in London. Preferably live in. I'm only attracted to white men. Open minded with age.
  10. S

    What Being A Dom Means And Ownership!!

    OK Have to explain what being a dom/owner means to some of these females and members on here as I have been questioned about it. A Dom is a guy who is an alpha male who is sexually dominate or is dominant in life situations. What a dom is not: Thirsty: have to say because they are so many...
  11. Bbc anal

    Bbc anal

  12. Young sexy clean fresh girl

    Young sexy clean fresh girl

    She's bi, horny and down to be shared
  13. White slave sucks black dick

    White slave sucks black dick

  14. Mr MiracleBBC

    Deepest darkest cuckold fantasy

    This is for all the cuckold slaves as well as they're white women. What is your deepest darkest fantasy? Your ideal cuckold situation... tell me the thoughts that get you hard and went. Let's discuss the most taboo of cuckold fantasies
  15. D

    naturdevoter, bodenständiger Mann, 42, sucht Herrin für reale Cuckold Beziehung

    Ich sehne mich danach einer Herrin zu gehören und für immer als Ihr Cuckold zu leben... ...bodenständiger, lieber, sehr einfühlsamer und Frauen gegenüber ausgesprochen devoter Mann (42, 175, 78), ohne Altlasten, mit beiden Beinen im Leben stehend, fleißig, ehrlich, loyal, gehorsam, lernfähig...
  16. H

    Serious Couples for Ownership

    This is only for those sub cuckold couples whom are serious and committed to being taught, trained and owned. I am an Experienced Dominant/Master /Bull who understands the intimacies and intricacies involved with fulfilling your innermost craving to be a slave and be Owned therefore can...
  17. canadapaula

    Next Step

    Need some help.
  18. Mistress Michelle

    Northern Virginia??

    Looking like we will be staying in Harrisonburg next month and are in Stanley now. We are house hunting on a paid move and haven't picked a permanent location to bed down yet. Answers to my questions could sway negotiations. I'm wondering if there are any groups out there of like minded...
  19. Essexcouple1

    UK based Couple seek regular Bull/BF

    Hi We are a genuine couple and looking for regular guy. We are in our late 30s and our Daughter is about to go off to University meaning we have free time and an empty home. Have a look at our profile :)
  20. U

    Submissive Couple

    We are matured submissive couple. For the past 30 years, since we first met, we have been fantasizing about being dominated by men and/or women. Hubby has a small cock (5.5 inches fully erect) while wify is very sexual. We do not want to dominate each others. It always have been both of us being...