Finally happened, hotter then expected

So after talking to someone for about 3 weeks, I was away on a trip and she finally made a move. She knows I'm not much into the "cuckold" side of things but that didn't stop some intense talk about it. There pictures and some videos I might post eventually, but not now because of faces and such.
They spent about 4 hours together and she said it was the best sex of her life.

I was open to her going bare but wasn't thinking it'd happen (everyone was clean no issues there), he was about 10 inches and probably thicker then anyone thought (pretty thick myself and he was way more). Her side of everything that happened:

"First get there he tells me to relax and we sit on the bed feeling each other up, after a couple minutes we stripped each other down and I went straight to my knees when I saw his cock. I could barely take half and he was rock hard, I was already soaked and begged for him to fuck me. He laid me on my back and slowly started to push it in then just put it all in. After a few different positions doggy, and cowgirl he put me back on my back and told me he was going to breed my little white pussy, that was such a turn on I begged him to do it. We kept playing and touching, I couldn't keep my fingers out from playing with all the cum I had. We started back fucking this time I pulled him in and begged him to breed me and he didn't last"

edited it up a bit, but that's the sum of it. Breeding play is a hott kink of ours, she;'s on birthcontrol so we aren't worried about it actually happening. The videos was pretty hott, got some good views and all the talk into it. Was a massive creampie both times. Got to get home and feel her this morning and she somehow managed to tighten back up.