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fantacy became a reality


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My wife Kim has been seeing a BBC and loving every minute , we see him at least twice a month he comes to dinner and then I watch him fuck her brains out.one evening as we ate he got on the subject of gang bangs and Kim got very interested and hot ,we laughed and joked about what would happen and the possibility of her having several larges cocks to play with. Then one evening he mentioned he had a friend in the UK who loved gang bangs and was interested in us visiting him if we went to the UK one thing led to another and eventually we phoned him while our friend was with us , emails flowed and Kim spoke to him once a week ,one night Kim asked me to see and email he had sent and oh my god he sent a photo of his cock and asked Kim if she would like to feel that deep in her ,it was huge.

From that she sent a photo of her naked and soon they were sending arousing emails and the interest for a gang bang became real . One night as our play mate was fucking her he suggested we Skype his friend I got him on line and he was able to see Kim and our friend do there thing ,from that Kim and Will became friends and he was very keen to have Kim one day and over several months he using Skype introduced several black men that were keen to have Kim.

So now the scene was set so we decided to visit UK which we did and have just returned and we had the best time or should I say Kim did.

Will met us at the airport and the reception was erotic from start he held her tight and there tongues met instantly ,we went to our hotel and booked in Kim went for a shower while will and I chatted he had organised a party for us that weekend so we had two days for sight seeing ,as Kim came out I went for my shower , came out to find Will naked standing behind a naked Kim kissing her neck and playing with her very erect nipples he turned to me and said this white bitch is so fucking hot we are going to have so much fun the boys cant wait to fuck her ,and I watched as she went down on his huge cock she licked it from shaft to head he just held it for her and told her to suck him off pre cum was oozing out and she was going mad but she could not fit his cock head in her mouth as it was too thick ,then he grabed her hair and told her to get ready for load with that he grunted and the first streem of cum burst out followed by several moor she was covered ,he got dressed and said he would be back next day to show us around smilled at me and said fuck shes hot . Kim looked fantastic with cum all over her and the aroma was erotic we fucked for hours.

Will was back the next day and he took us everwhere and in the evening we visited his club where we met several other black men that was going to be at the party and yes Kim was centre of attention that night.
Will gave Kim an outfit to wear and as we goy dressed she came out in the most revealing dress I have ever seen it clung to her body showing every bump and as she walked it showed that she was not wearing any underwaer it looked unreal and as we walked through the hotel every man was watching her.
At the party it was swinging Will intraduced us to so many I forgot names then will took Kim away and I sat with a black woman chatting about Australia ,it was ages and I never realised it was getting late and I had not seen Kim ,Beth told me not to worry she would be ok and we went looking for her Beth knew where to go and sure enough there was Kim with several black men around her I watched as each one took turns fucking her as she was on all fours she was soaking wet and enjoying ever inch of cock and they were fucking bareback Beth senced I was a bit worried but she put my mind at eases ,thay all unloaded all over Kim and Will came and told her to take a shower and get ready for the next session, Beth took me back to the bar and I waited for Kim to join me she was so exited and so randy she told me that they were going to double fuck her and Will was going to join in and she was going to feel his huge cock deep in her ,the night went on and around midnight Kim was led to a room in it was several naked black men sitting in chairs Will led her to them and told her to suck every cock until hard he removed her dress and I saw she was so ready and she went to work as she was told each man told her what they wanted and she had to obey I watched my wife suck and rim black asses for ages then they grabed her and started to fuck one lay on the floor and she mounted him and another went behind and lubed her ass and fuck her ass others were in front and she was told to suck cock and then they rotated so each got to fuck her holes at least three times each as this was happening Will was dtelling them what to do and ordering Kim to do as she was told it was then the men wanted to cum but Will told them to wait they all sat down and Will took Kim alone told her to open up and he then got his huge cock and started to enter her he stretched to the max and I watched this cock go deeper and deeper into my wfe and she was in heaven once in he grabed her hair and pounded her she squeeled but took the lot then I noticed he had two fingers in her ass then three she never complained then he took his cock out and placed it at her anal hole and shoved she screemed then smilled as he pounded her ass all the others were eging him on he was sweating and so was she then he pulled out and shoved it back into her cunt pounded moor then gave a load moan and filled her up with his cum he pulled out and told her to clean him up and then told the others to fuck and fill her with moor cum in ever hole which they did each one entered which ever hole and gave her his seed.