Evere see Mom or Sister with a Black Man?

Has anyone ever seen their mom or their sister having sex with a Black Man?

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I was born in Angola, it's a country on the west coast of Africa. If you seen the movie, Bood Diamonds it was set in that country. Apparently Angola has the best diamonds in the world. My family lived there for 10 years I was born 2 years after my parents moved there to start a business.

When I was 6, I caught my mom with a local black guy. I first heard noises, moaning like noises. At first I tought it was my parents, since the noises were coming from their bedroom. Being curious and wanting to spy on them I ever so slow went to the door which was open. I guess they did not expect anyone in the house at that time. When i peeked I got a shock...This big black man was on top of a white woman who i assume was my mom and was going up and dow. is back was to me and i could see his huge cock going in and out of her pussy.

After that i started spying on them and I believe that is where my brain was intially rewired to become a cuckold.

If anyone wants to hear more detail I would be happy to write about it.