Double or nothing!


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My ex used spend some wekends with me and my hubby in home, since a couple of months ago. Early this morning I could realized something that I was interested to do since so many weeks.
I was lying on our bed with my hubby and my ex sleeping at my sides, when I started fingering my pussy. I made this during half an hour not less until they woke up and asked me what was I doing.
I told them I was touching myself and asked them to lick my breasts.
They liked my breast while I continued fingering my pussy. We were making this for several minutes and they stimulated my clitoris with their fingers too until my pussy turned as wet as a river. Then I introduced two of my fingers inside it, later three of them and last I could penetrated my pussy almost with whole my hand. They didn't understand what was I looking for.
When I noticed by myself it was so streched and wet, I woke up and told them to go over me. They woke up too and stayed standing up one on each sides of me. We started to kiss each others (they kissed themselves too) until our three tongues wrapped in only one kiss.
I got down over my knees and gave them a good blow job, putting sometimes their cocks inside my mounth at the same time, while they continued kissing themselves. In less than one minute their dicks were perfectly hard, so I embraced them and we jumped over the bed.
I lay on my back over my ex black boyfriend and asked him to penetrated my pussy by behind. He did it and I called my hubby to go over us. My ex and I spread our legs and my hubby got down over his knees between our legs. I begged him to try to put his dick inside my pussy too.
If I would say that was easy I would be telling lies. Neither It was not easy for him to do it nor comfortable to me to feel it at first. But he continued trying to put his dick inside my pussy and finally he could do it, making my ex's dick go even deeper inside me. It was a so hard to me at first, but I needed it. They were the men of my life, my males and I wished that all of us could fuck ourselves at the same time.
Like I said it was not easy. Sometimes one of the cocks went out from my pussy and we needed to start again. Several minutes later my pussy was streched enought to keep my two male's dick and we started to fuck. I begged them to not try to fuck me hard because they could hurt me.
I let myself go and I relaxed my body as good as I could. My hubby and I kissed each others all the time and he held the back of the bed to fuck me. Feel their cocks touching themselves inside my pussy was so hot for them. My ex was the first who cummed and when finally he relaxed, his dick kept inside me because my hubby's dick was still fuking me.
When my hubby said me he was close to cum, it excited me even more and I closed my eyes and tried to let myself go with him. When I heard him screaming of pleasure and felt how my pussy was being filled again, I exploted in a powerful orgasm!
Perhaps my orgasm was not the best of my life, but it was certainly the most glorious cum that I've ever had.


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hola, de donde sos exactamente, somos una pareja que busca negros pijudos par acumplir fantasia de ella, así que si sabés algo avisnamos.