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Do women really want a man to share in their desires?

Ive been into this "lifestyle" for a while now. Ive had a few gfs who shared in the interest and were curious about interracial. It was fun to share and explore together,try new things and see the excitement from them as they fantasized and imagined what it would be like.
Although as a single guy,i now see online thee majority of all this is just couples and or Single ladies and black men,looking for one another.

There are no doubt many white guys into this also but it seem the single white man on this site or others dont get any love or attention. Which can be some what understandable.
I guess the question is where do we fit in....all i see single ladies,black men and couples looking.

Where are the ladies interested in cuckold or just a partner who shares in the same things?
So are there any women who do enjoy white men sharing in this lifestyle that arnt already involved and or introduced by their partner?


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Well, you do have a bit of a problem as, being a single white male, you don't technically fit in the "cuckold" theme. :(

You could interact with the Black Women on the site and satisfy the "interracial" aspect, but there really aren't many (any?) on here that are interested in white males. I can only think of one that is here currently, but she is a lesbian looking for white women. :(

You could try to hook up with some of the Latina or Asian ladies, which would be a stretch on the "interracial" requirement although not really fitting the "Black to white" theme, but then again, the Latina and Asian ladies are here looking for BBC, which you are probably lacking. :(

If you are gay or bisexual, you could try to find a Black Man to hook up with, but you would be in competition with all the other gay, bi, sissy white males that are already here trying to score some BBC. This is even more difficult as there is no "male to male" section on the site and most Black Men don't want to be identified as being bi or gay here.

So, unless you are really interested in getting married and want to advertise to find a currently single, compatible lady to cuckold you, just like the many other single white guys are doing, I'd say your prospects are pretty slim for finding anyone here, even at that. :(

Unfortunately, this site doesn't seem to have much to offer you other than to perhaps enjoy some nice photos and discussion. :unsure: Sorry.