Did you fuck my husband


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So want to fuck another women in front of my husband and see him squirm....
You don't indicate whether you and your hubby are more inclined to conservative/liberal values, but a very high % of married men would entertain watching their wives with another woman. I was going to check your personal info in your profile and look at a few of your other posts, but you have your "preferences" set so members can't read them.

Anyways, being able to discuss or not discuss topics of any kind with your spouse, is a good indicator of the foundational strength of your marital relationship. For example, although my wife and I started our swinging in college, one thing she use to decline doing for a long time was masturbate to orgasm in front of me ... and I think watching a woman bring herself off is one of the hottest things in the world. She finally broke the ice barrier and did it ... and once seeing how turned on I was with it, now she does it to get me in the mood sometimes. So, maybe its time to break that ice barrier of F-F sex with your hubby; see where he stands on that. I find a little liquor often takes the "edge" off these kinds of discussions ... and it could open up your marriage to a whole new frontier ... like having sex for the very first time.