Demonic Ritual to get your women Hooked up with Black Dick !

as many would suggest this is not a erotic striptease ... i have informed myself and it is a demonic ritual to influence peoples mind . let your women wartch this and tell her its a satanic spell to turn her into a BlackCockSlut ... i promis you it will work... there is real magic in this ... this is not a erotic dance.

this shit is real !


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It says nothing, shows nothing has no connection to Black Cock, it's just an out of focus old clip of some old men watching a girl dance poorly. It makes no sense. Has no bearing.
chill ... no need to freak out with your thousands exclamationmark. When you are not familiar with Satanic/occult/illuminati movements then of course you will not understand. The illuminati have far more influence than you might think ... especially when it comes to musicindustrie... wich actually has been exposed many time to influence youth with subliminal content ... just watch this and you will understand



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Satanism is not something I recommend anyone toying with ... it is the ultimate example of "there's no free lunch". It's not like witchcraft where you start it or stop it at will. If or when the rituals of Satanism grant you what you want, you've established an IOU that's not reversible to my knowledge. Think of it like a high interest credit card ... you're granted a nice $10,000 credit limit, you use it, then they start hitting you with 30% interest ... the payback is ridiculous.

Might I recommend you look at an alternative that doesn't carry the debt ... witchcraft. For your intentions, just as affective, but without the brutal landlord. Nothing is worth risking eternal damnation, trust me.
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i have red some books about illuminatis and music industrie ... there is something foul with sony music !
i would never join such a clan --- i dont believe in magic to be honest :p ... buti like the conspiracy theories very much and many of them have lots of truth inside


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Quite a video. Agreed, if it is real, that Kesha is a bad influence on people of all ages. She appears to be quite heavily involve with Satanic Worship. She does appear to be very fucked-up!
Overall, this comes down to a Religious Battering of the Entertainment Industry and ends with Spam.
I confess I agree the Entertainment Industries are very corrupt and evil. The same can be said of Governments of all countries .
I can partially understand why/how she got so fucked-up, with her Mother insisting on playing the part of a Big Penis on stage and dancing around like a idiot.
I still fail to see how any of this will turn any one into a Black Cock Slut.
I wish I could see it. I want nothing more that to be a devoted Black Cock Slut.

I'll leave this at, Too each their own.
if you studie tv industrie and watch tv series carefully ... you will notice subliminal messages that you didnt ... have you never wondered why there is so much SM/masochism content in tv series lately ? and never noticed how 50 shades of gray turned millions of people into SM ?