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Cuckold Paying Site


Real Person
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Have you ever registered in a Cuckold paying site? Are they any different with regards to hooking up with people from a site like this?


Real Person
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AFF is decent. SLS seemed like it was a little better to us. We're planning on paying for SLS again after she has the baby and gets into the lifestyle.

But, honestly, this site is free and 4 of her favorite 5 potential bulls came from here. Just in the year or so that I've been checking this site out, it's came a really long way.

I feel like the downfall of craigslist personals actually benefits this site, and others like it very well!

We plan on being a part of helping this site grow!
Ha ha, I have a different pov about girls and cuckolding and how it comes to be and why gals who play this adult fun are hard to find if not impossible.
Nobody needs to pay if your having sex kink or not for the joy of sex.
Personally I'm a kinkster, I like to play and have fun, the more taboo and perverted the more fun
Like most sex games, its the male who introduces his wife or mate that its all in fun and they would enjoy watching them have sex with other males or maybe even other girls.
After sometimes the girl relents as shes tired of hearing about it or maybe she wants to feel sexy to someone else. Girls are funny about sex, they get extremly particular about who penetrates them, its very personal to them.
So off to the swingers club they go or maybe just having a 3some to start, about the same time after most of the males are spent for the night, the girls discover one another.
Cuckolding comes along eventually, it doesn't need to even be addressed, maybe the wife has a secret lover maybe not. Theres a scope of sexual deviations which the female will do to her mate, husband because she now has control, completely and totally.