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    We are new on this site, have posted some photos, and located in the Philippines. Older american asian retired and a young filipina bisexual 26, living together over a year and living the good life.

    I have experienced the swinging lifestyle back when i was a young man in california and had fond memories
    of the good times back then.

    Here we talk openly with each other, and from the beginning she told me of her enjoying girls from time to time and her willingness to share with me. Now i am older, not that big, maybe 5 and a half to 6 inches, and
    for medical reasons not having great stamina to pound her for hours. She liked toys so i bought her many,
    from a regular big vibrator to a g spot stimulator vibrator, and later a huge 10 inch toy which she now loves.

    Now seeing the term "cuckold" it got us thinking. We discussed it and she is sure I dont fit in that category,
    and i tend to agree with her.
    Why because..
    We have an agreement we never enjoy another person alone, always the two of us together whether it is a bisexual girl, a couple or a select single man (i guess that makes us swingers)
    She loves big cock, but not just black, all as long as they stretch her out and the guy is cool, clean and respectful. She has had a few white ones, only one black one which she loves, hence we joined in there.
    When we are with another man, I dont just watch, I participate fully, i am straight, she is bi.
    we have done DP once, never once a strong or put down word is said either by me or her. It is a turn on
    for me to see her screaming as she comes, and she loves to watch me with another girl while she licks us down there.
    She is more submissive than anything, loves to be spanked, whipped, handcuffed, tied down and rough sex. Believe me my hand got tired so i had to get her a switch and a whip which she loves.
    She is a bit old fashioned i guess in a way, she wont french kiss anyone but me, wont let anyone fuck her ass but me, wont let anyone come in her mouth but me, but other than than all is fine. She says those actions are too personal for her and she only wants me to enjoy those.

    i am straight, during our time with another guy or couple, all attention is focused on her, but i am comfortable in that situation, i never have the desire or inclination to suck another guy, even though she is doing that right in front of me and i am playing with her. Neither do i have any disinclination or revulsion being in that situation, all of it is very erotic and a big turn on for me.

    Since joining this site, we are concentrating on meeting bbc who may visit our area here in the philippines
    we usually like to meet over a drink or two to see if all want to proceed. In our case it has to be both of us who want to go ahead otherwise we dont.

    just wanted to get some feedback from people here. I personally also dont feel like i belong in that cuckold category, just the category of another older guy enjoying the golden years of his life, lucky enough to have the best of the best partner.

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    A rose by any other name . . .
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    so according to u then, if a guy enjoys sharing his girl with others that she likes and he participates equally
    he is a cuckold. thanks for the clarification.
    but i still differ in my opinion, so does my girl.
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    ezfeelin, the definitional sources of cuckold are rapidly changing, primarily because its no longer looked upon, disgracefully, for a wife to have preapproved sex with men, other than her husband. So, that part of the definition has mostly been dropped from the definitional sources.
    It still means "a wife who is unfaithful to her husband" ... but you've clearly pointed out that your wife is not being unfaithful; the two of you have set boundaries & rules to your extracurricular activities and stayed within them. Kudos to the both of you.
    So, personally, I wouldn't consider you a cuckold as your sexual lifestyle is fairly similar to that of my wife and me.
    The key to having a great marital relationship is to be focused on pleasing your "other half" and putting them ahead of all others you co-mingle with. If either my wife or I have issues or concerns over a matter, we talk it out, and if we can't settle it through discussion, we refrain from doing whatever it is that's the issue. We're a "partnership ... equal in every way. That's the way a strong marriage should approach its bonds to each other. :)
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    Thanks, your opinion is appreciated. we are not married but a living together couple, the usual story in the philippines, older expat (asian american non filipino 61 retired) and a young 26 yr old bi filipina. Not from the bar scene, I met her thru date in asia while she was still in the province, came over to be with me, and its been over a year and a half and its going great. In face a first girlfriend for me and i have lived there almost 6 years.
    before that it was just playing and having a good time. Now its more relaxing and comfortable, not only the sex and the other sexual activities with others, but overall living together is great.

    u are right, we talk everything through, she keeps telling me how lucky she is to have me, when really i am the lucky one. You wont believe some of the come on she gets from younger guys, what u doing with that old man, and he aint even white or good looking, must have a big dick. Little do they know I am not even average by white standards plus have many medical complications. All they need to understand is to treat another person with respect and dignity and make compromises.

    u guys look great, if u ever visit the philippines drop us a note.
    my home town in the usa is san francisco, but prefer to live here in southeast asia now.

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    Definitely living the life. I'm so tempted to go to the PI. Big time.
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