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Just happened 30 minutes ago.

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I know they could see what she did next because I now controlled the cam. She took the dildo and pressed it into her pussy. Not so much fucking as in trying to fill herself. I told her she was a good girl, a good mommy and she pressed deeper.

After about 3 minutes I told her I had to eat her. She said ok and pulled the toy out. I put the cam down further back so they could see more and went down and ate her hungrily. She moaned and I looked up to see her licking the dildo. she said God honey as she cam again only this time to my mouth.

She had put the dildo down to one side but still was touching it. I looked to the computer and saw them fucking on the bed which was some distance from the laptop. we left a message and signed off. And I thought how I had wished we had video recorded all of it.

Tanya so wants girl sex again and to feast on her first cream pie that the only answer is we NEED to meet a couple
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I was eating creampie's for years with my ex and didn't know it. I found out from her friend after we broke up. She told her friend that on days she was full of cum I would eat her for longer. She thought it was cutie.