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Couple here that is hotwife and cuckold hubby.

Hi all!

We are a couple that is married for 5yrs and with a 6 yr old baby. I am 36yrs old and wife is 25yrs old. We had been into swinging for 2yrs now but it doesn't happen so often, we only had few experiences but we have learned a lot of lessons. We had experienced MMF and MMFFF, and based from these multiple experiences we had finally defined each of us our role and we know what we want. I the Husband is purely cuckold and prefers BBC for my hotwife and she also accepts it happily and passionately. She doesn't have BBC experience yet but she craves it more than anything else.

we are both professionals, clean, discreet and respectful. A year ago I had self-studied photography, it begun when I bought a simple point and shoot camera and was frustrated by the performance and quality of photo. I then bought high end compact camera then DSLR and mirrorless large sensor cameras, I was so interested on portrait photography bec. of taking pictures of my family then eventually took picture of my wife in a controlled lighting like a studio type picture, but don't take it as professional work bec. I never see myself and will never be. LOL. I just bought multiple strobe lights, umbrellas and etc.. all of these portrait photography was my inspiration to my beautiful and sexy wife. I had also bought her lots of lingerie and costumes. We will be posting some of our photoshoot work that happened in our humble master bedroom.

Looking forward to meet a BBC here that will fuck my wife like never before and treats her passionately like his own wife.

Cheers and Happy Cuckolding!

James and Laiza


We are both from Cebu, Philippines. I know it's very far. LOL. BBC is very hard to find here in our local place but we are not giving up and still hoping to find one or more. And that's why we found this site to expand further our searching and if any BBC is planning to go vacation to Philippines or is right now in the Philippines or who is about to travel as expat please msg us asap. Thanks!