conference skype call - cuck me in front of my gf

My girl is away at college. She gets off on feeling guilty, I get off on being jealous. I've told her that I'd like to hear her talk dirty to a hung black guy and she agreed.

My skype is the.handsome.devil (Tim Jozen). She has a separate skype account and will join us via conference. She will not show her cam just use her sexy voice. I don't think we are up to meeting guys yet, just fantasy for now. Buzz me and we can set up a night to chat.
Yeah. Her skype is acting wierd, but we might be on tonight. Jump on skype. In the least I'll give you a pic of her body. No face, no need to show your face either, frankly. It's all about the fantasy.

the.handsome.devil - Tim Jozen
I didn't see you pop up on skype. Wierd. Shoot me an email at (Do not post e-mail addresses or phone numbers in the forums) with your skype (or post it here) and I'll add you.
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